As dicussed during the 10.04 UDS:

Current process

Problems with the Karmic cycle

  • A number of photos had nice motives, color and contrast, but suffered from having the motive out-of-focus (blurriness) and/or a weak composition.

Updated process

  • Finish the process 3 months before release? Aim for first package to go into Beta 1.
  • Make the connection between the author and photo more explicit.
  • Be explicit about the fact that submissions on the wiki will not be included. (Sent Email to list)
  • Ask people if we can alter their photos as we ask them about the license?
    • discuss on a case-by-case basis what the changes are that we are suggesting and how it should be executed.
  • Rewards! People with an Ubuntu One account?
  • Add a stamp for everyone who is short-listed.


  • Redo all the phrasing on the flickr group.
    • Add phrasing for 'just a great photo'.
  • Ensure that the wiki is fully updated to reflect the new process.
  • Check out Miro for the video contents? (http://getmiro.com/).

  • Fix the link from the Appearance settings dialog so that it offers the user the option to install more wallpaper packages. Perhaps link to the Software Centre? Add an apt-url link instead of a link to a website so that a user can install them automatically. Perhaps there would be a benefit to packaging the wallpapers individually which would lead to stats we could use to improve the selections!
  • Define our expectations regarding wallpaper design better.

Ideas and suggestions for the instructions:

You might like to consider categories like these:

  • Abstract
  • Monochrome
  • Animal life
  • Landscapes
  • Local culture


  • Other flavours of ubuntu - do they use the same set or run their own competitions?
  • How do we tie in with the Free Culture Showcase?
    • Is the Free Culture showcase the umbrella? Yes.
  • Should we encourage more abstract images and how?
  • Do we restart each cycle or reuse some wallpapers between releases?
    • Restart each cycle, put wallpapers in a package per release, ubuntu-wallpapers-karmic.
    • Should upgraders still have the previous wallpapers package? (Note possible need to split the package in this case due to design wish to explicitly change default wallpaper background).
    • Can we relate the desktop themeing to the wallpaper selection?
    • Can we improve the selection process/information gathering by creating our own infrastructure? Extra website/wiki, tool to view pics on a desktop-like overlay.


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