Wasp is a suite of GTK, Metacity, Xfwm and Login/GDM themes. It include:

  • GTK themes
  • Metacity themes
  • Xfwm themes
  • Login/GDM theme
  • OpenOffice.org patch

  • Firefox patch
  • Wasp Editor
  • Wasp Installer
  • Chrome/Chromium theme (from Tobias Habermann)

Wasp Installer

  • Just use it for install/remove Wasp componets.

Wasp Editor

  • Create your own Wasp suited for your taste.

Chrome/Chromium theme


What Wasp is

  • Wasp is the first theme (as far as i know) that has had a script to take care of OpenOffice.org apps.

  • Wasp takes care of most used apps with adhoc configurations: no strange behaviour like dark toolbar where it shouldn't be, no redundant borders, no compromise on general setting just because of a strange behaviour in one app.
  • Wasp is not dark and is not light: dark is beauty where it can be applied, so Wasp is dark where it is beauty.
  • Don't like orange/brown colors? just use GNOME Appearance and choose all colors you want, Wasp is totally recolorable...


  • Wasp depends on Murrine >= 0.90.3




There is a bug with Banshee. It seems the theme is trying to draw a black toolbar but only gets this done in some parts. Look at this.


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