For the first time, after the introduction of the new Lucid themes, I finally gave Clearlooks a rest (I still find it beautiful anyway, try changing the title bar colour and the icon set and it will look even better). I don't like dark themes too much, so I used Radiance for a while. While I enjoyed the theme, I thought that some minor modifications can improve it, so I started experimenting a bit with it to fix some little things. I gave the result this name just to distinguish the modified theme from the original, but of course all the credits should go to the original Radiance authors.


Starting form the original Radiance, I went for three little changes:

The bottom panel application list looks a bit weird compared to the general theme look, maybe for the squared borders, maybe due to the palette choice: I tried to obtain a result that in my opinion blends better with the overall look of the theme, by changing the palette and the borders.

Bottom panel

The rounded progress bar is perhaps nice (to be honest I don't like it very much), but maybe a limitation of the engine produces a bad rendering when the progress is very low. I opted for a squared bar, with soft diagonal animated stripes (I love them), eventually going to a solution in the middle (with a certain degree of “roundness”) can be obtained easily.

Progress bar

Mark Shuttleworth told that we shouldn't waste vertical space (he's also working on new interface concepts to achieve such a result), so what about getting rid of those useless 5 pixel on windows' bottoms? Personally I don't like the rounded bottom corners for three reasons: the geometry itself, the waste of space and the fact that often the background colour of the bottom border doesn't blend with the nearest widget. With this modification resizing windows become more difficult, but this is a general issue with the theme due to the tiny border (which requires more precise mouse positioning).

Window border


Original authors of the Radiance theme are Kenneth Wimer and James Schriver
Minor modifications by Alberto Semenzato


Radial theme



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