Ubuntu Black Magic - Google Chrome Theme



A theme to integrate Google Chrome/Chromium to the updated "Ambiance"-Theme for the Gnome Desktop, which is the default dark theme in Ubuntu.


It can be used with the native (Metacity) window decorations, instead of the custom Chrome title bar. On the Linux versions of Google Chrome and the Chromium browser, this can be enabled in the context menu, clicking in the "Options". This dark theme was build to have a significant contrast between tabs.


The goals to achieve with this build were:

  • Integration with Ubuntu Ambience Dark Theme
  • Readability


Download the original theme : http://goo.gl/IItQ4

Download with some tweaks : http://goo.gl/nFOQ2

Download with no tab contrast in font colors: Ubuntu Black Magic Theme - NTC Version.crx

Download with transparency : http://goo.gl/YgXW9 (see the warning!)

Download Source

Download : Ubuntu Black Magic Theme - UF Version.zip

Download with transparency : Ubuntu Black Magic Theme - Transparency Enabled.zip

Warning on transparency

Transparency isn't supported by Google Chrome. There is no supported way to make Chrome transparent. This only works by accident and is subject to stop working without warning.This theme was built on top of an accidental side-effect of Chrome implementation of accelerated hosting.


I only manage to test this theme in Mac OS X. I wasn't able to activate rgba transparency in Ubuntu. If anyone have enabled transparency in Ubuntu, please give-me feedback on this.

To install this theme you will need this fix: "Transparency Fix for Themes with PNG images" - http://goo.gl/h9u2N

Enable RGBA Transparency In Ubuntu

To enable RGBA Transparency In Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala and Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx follow this link: http://goo.gl/SMXTR


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