• Sponsor: Artwork Team / JohnBaer

  • Posted: 26 Oct 2010

  • Due: 01 Feb 2011

  • Assigned: JohnBaer

  • Packages affected: Ubuntu Wiki, Launchpad

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The Artwork Team logo is dated and does not support current Ubuntu branding guide lines. The desired result from this effort is a logo which symbolizes the essence of this team. Please remember this team supports the Ubuntu community which includes Ubuntu, Edubuntu, Kubuntu, Mythbuntu, UbuntuStudio, Xubuntu, and Lubuntu.

Inspiration may be drawn from words like:

  • Creative
  • Community
  • Light
  • Refreshing
  • Bold


  • The successful design will be created to displayed accurately on a web page and it is assumed the hardware will support a minimum of a 256 color pallet.

Use Cases

Targeted web pages and uses include but are not limited to:

Design Considerations

  • Submissions must support the current Ubuntu branding guide lines.

  • Submissions may be added to the phrase "Ubuntu Artwork Team" or "Artwork Team" to form the Artwork Team brand, i.e. the proposals should be symbols without text.
  • Draft submissions will be accepted in "png" format.
  • The desired format of final submission is "svg".
  • Drafts should not resemble "Edit" icons.
  • Drafts should focus on design (planned approach) over artwork.


  • Submissions must adhere to the Creative Commons ShareAlike 3.0 license.

  • Attribution must be stated if the submission is based on another design.
  • The successful design will render to the following dimensions and will need special versions for the smallest sizes:
    • For Launchpad: 14, 64, 192 px
    • Perhaps also: 16, 32, 48, 128 px


  • Post submissions to: Flickr

  • Tag submissions: UbuntuArtworkTeamLogo

  • Add submissions to: Ubuntu Artwork Team

  • Comments and suggestions for improvements may be posted to the Artwork Team list ( ubuntu-art@lists.ubuntu.com ) for discussion and/or posted to the submission on Flickr. All comments should be constructive and adhere to the Ubuntu Code Of Conduct.

  • The successful design will either be selected by polling the Artwork Team membership or by an impartial judge.


Flickr displays small images submitted as "jpg" the best. Convert your "png" files to "jpg" ( Gimp ) to achieve the highest viewing quality.

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Upload your Inkscape "svg" source files to this page.

BoF Discussion

  • None planned

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