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  • Posted: 11 Nov 2010

  • Due: ASAP

  • Assigned: Artwork Team

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  • Comment: Original Request


Create an icon for the new Ubuntu-bugsquad mentoring program. The team will be called the bugsquad-mentor-teamA. This team will be set up to test a new concept in mentoring bugsquad applicants. This will be a three-month test. If the test proves beneficial to the bugsquad, more teams will be created.


Use Cases

  • A logo must show the relationship between Bugsquad Team A mentor and student.

Design Considerations

  • It also will need the A on it to designate that this is team A.
  • This logo will be used on the launchpad team page and bugsquad wiki pages ( we need a 64 x 64 px for the main page and 14px icon, 192 x 192 px is a bonus).
    • Audience is Bugsquad team A members
      • Technical community focus



  • The mailing list will be used to facilitate design discussions.
  • Submission will be posted to this wiki page.


JohnBaer - 2010-11-20


Take 1


Take 2

A logo which uses the Design Team pictograms to represent the Mentor and student. The design is targeted specifically to launchpad with dimensions of 192 x 192px.

Attribution: Design based on Design Team Pictograms & Bug Buddy Icon Smile :-)

Take 3 - 2010-11-27


A more cartoon-ish submission.

leogg - 11/22/2010




Submission by coz (via mailing list) - 11/23/2010

abug-192x192.png abug-64x64.png abug-14x14.png

buga-192x192.png buga-64x64.png buga-14x14.png

a2bug-192x192.png a2bug-64x64.png a2bug-14x14.png

BoF Discussion

  • None planned

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