This page will hold references to pages concerning installing the Asterisk PBX system and additions on computers running Ubuntu linux.

Draft Script for review for installing on Natty (Tested, 11.04), Maverick 10.10, Lucid 10.04, Oneiric 11.10 (Untested) - Working Versions

Draft Script and Recipe for installing on Lucid (Current, 10.04) - Current (LTS)

AsteriskOnUbuntu/Jaunty for installing on Jaunty (Current, 9.10)- Outdated

Draft Script for installing on Hardy (LTS, 8.04) - Outdated

Draft Recipe for installing on Dapper (LTS, 6.06.1) - Outdated

Quick start

  • Users who want a quick start with VoIP are encouraged to start by installing a SIP proxy before installing a soft-PBX. The Real-time communications (RTC) quick start guide provides step-by-step instructions.

    • after installing the proxy, the phones, softphones and Asterisk all connect to each other through the proxy
    • the proxy can also be connected to the public Internet to enable federated calling between domains. It is not recommended to have Asterisk connected directly to the Internet without a proxy and/or TLS.


Sound Quality

There is a separate page regarding sound quality for prompts at AsteriskSoundQuality.

Why not use packages?

This not seems be true anymore. Since Lucid, I was able to use the asterisk and asterisk related packages with success. The only problem was about the asterisk-mysql package, that needs to be rebuild (easy steps), as mentioned on the Current Page. - Duda Nogueira

Since these are scripts and recipes, the question naturally arises -- why not use packages for these installations? A very good question. In general, the existing packages (as of 17 March 2009) have not worked well to produce a working version. Hopefully one of the gurus with more knowledge of packaging may produce a set based on the script which will work.

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