*Note* This is for Ubuntu 5.10 Brezzy Bagder 5.04 Hoary also works but require more tweaking afterwards.Recommend 5.10 for Install on this motherboard.

Asus7n8x Specification

Processor Socket A for AMD Athlon™ XP/Athlon™ / Duron™

  • Thoroughbred/ Barton Core Support

Chipset North Bridge: NVIDIA® nForce2 SPP(Ultra400)

  • South Bridge: NVIDIA® nForce2 MCP-T

FSB 400* / 333 / 266 / 200 MHz

  • ( * PCB 1.06 or earlier version need BIOS update )

Memory Dual-Channel DDR 400

  • 3 x 184-pin DIMM Sockets Max. 3 GB unbuffered PC3200/PC2700/PC2100/PC1600 non-ECC DDR RAM Memory (Twinbank)

Expansion Slots 1 x AGP Pro/8X (1.5V only)

  • 5 x PCI

IDE Ports 2 x UltraDMA 133/100/66/33

Serial ATA Silicon Image® Sil 3112A Controller with 2 ports

  • Support RAID 0/1

Audio Realtek® ALC650 6CH w/built in HP amplifier

  • Integrated APU(Audio Processor Unit) SoundStorm?/ Dolby® Digital (AC-3) Encoder

LAN 2 Ports

  • MCP integrated NVIDIA® MAC + Realtek® 8201BL PHY MCP integrated 3Com® MAC + Broadcom® AC101L PHY

Firewire 1394 2 Ports MCP-T Integrated IEEE 1394a + Realtek® PHY 8801B

Ubuntu 5.10 installation

Just make an ordinary install No problems:) Ubuntu 5.10 finds all information and install fine:)

After Install

This motherboard works great.

Sound Problems

Asus A7N8X have some sound problems . The sound gets disorted. In order to be able to use this Integrated sound i recommend to lower the volume bar to 80% Then most of the sound corruption dissepear. However it is still there so it may be a good idea to buy an external sound card if you want good sound.

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