Who I'm

My Name is Hatem S'hel, I was born on 21 July 1979 in the archipelago of Kerkennah islands in southern Tunisia. I have a master in computer science and I am specialized in real-time systems and telecommunication systems. I'm one of the founder of the CLLFST club (one of the most active and important Opensource team in Tunisia).I join the Ubuntu-tn team since may 2008 and i participate to the first meeting in july 2008. My goal is to promote Opensource software and specialy Ubuntu in professional circles.

Contact details


  • I'm the Professional relation coordinator of Ubuntu-tn Team sinse September 2008.
  • I translate the Alarm Clock UI to arabic (with some help from other guys)
  • I'm also an arabic and frensh language translator.
  • I report some bugs (Ubuntu 8.04)
  • I'm also a member of the Ubuntu-arabic project.

My presentation

Some of my frensh language presentations

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