You've probably come here because somebody asked you to provide Alsa information to troubleshoot an audio issue. To begin, open a terminal by pressing Ctrl+Alt+T if using Unity desktop or press Alt+F2 and enter 'bash' as the command to execute.

Enter these two commands in the terminal:

  cd ~/
  wget -O && bash

You will be prompted to upload the information or save it locally. The easiest way to share the information is to automatically upload it to the alsa-project server and copy/paste the address you're given. You can also choose to save the information locally, and alsa-info will output a text file in /tmp . You can then upload that file to whoever wants it. (Remember: files in the /tmp directory will be removed on every reboot.)

Thank you for helping!

Note: If you're working with pre-release hardware, where hardware details cannot be made public, make sure you DO NOT upload it to the alsa-project server.

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