Sometimes upgrading sound drivers will help you fix an issue with your sound. There are several ways to upgrade your ALSA sound drivers.

First, some words of caution:

Warning /!\ Make sure you only have one override of ALSA drivers installed at a time. Make sure you uninstall the previous override before trying a new one, otherwise it is unclear which version will take precedence.

Warning /!\ Aside from the Ubuntu web, there are several guides, scripts, and blog posts about how to download, compile, and install newer ALSA driver versions yourself. These guides are of varying quality, and in some cases, can break your system really bad. We do not recommend them - the solutions suggested below are simpler and come with proper uninstall instructions.

DKMS - rebuilds automatically

The only currently supported option is to use DKMS packages. They can be constructed that automatically rebuilds themselves whenever a new kernel is installed. See this link for how to install them.

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