We want to get as many people in the Austin community using Ubuntu as possible. We believe Ubuntu is an amazing operating system and want to spread the word!

Community Support

Since Ubuntu is a mostly community supported operating system, AustinTeam will offer a good base of local support for the Austin Ubuntu community. We will organize events to educate Austinites about Ubuntu. We will also maintain a documentation project customized to the Austin area. Ubuntu users will be able to meet fellow users face-to-face and help answer each other's questions.


Technology has created the largest collection of knowledge and information in history. However, some people still have trouble accessing it. We will install Ubuntu on donated computers and give them to Austinites who do not have easy access to technology.


Ubuntu is and will always be free. The same applies to AustinTeam. We will never charge for membership and will always be open to any who wish to join.

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