IT Discovery Day

The event was held in Mawson Lakes, Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

  IT Discovery Day
  Mawson Centre, Mawson Lakes
  2pm-5pm, Sunday 25th February, 2007

It was organised by Delfin Lend-Lease, a property developer, to launch their new comunity website. Ubuntu was invited to attend with give-aways due to previous involvement with the venue last year during Software Freedom Day.

Approximately 60 Ubuntu 6.10 (32bit,Edgy Eft) CD's were distributed, either individually or part of a 'showbag' which had originally been put together for the Ubuntu stand at the Open Day at Linux.Conf.Au Conference in Sydney.

Several other FOSS and Community groups were involved in this effort:

  • IT Share - Demonstration Hardware
  • Bettong.Org - Demonstrations and Training Information
  • Air-Stream - Internet Connectivity

with assistance from local Linux Users

  • Joel Stanley - Demonstration of "One Laptop per Child" (A highlight!)
  • Michael Ritter - Demonstration Hardware
  • Geoffrey Bennett, LinuxSA

Thanks also

  • Melissa Draper, Ubuntu-Au Leader - Helping organise material, showbags
  • Marilize Coetzee, Ship it - Ubuntu CD's, brochures and t-shirts

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