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This is the home page for the Australian Ubuntu Local Community Team. We also exist on Launchpad.
The Australian team focuses on distributing, advertising and demonstrating Ubuntu within Australia. Through the development of our projects we focus on the areas of schools, business and home users. (more...)


IRC: #ubuntu-au on
Via Shoutbox in your browser
Ubuntu-au mailing list

Meetings: held fortnightly on Mondays
Next Meeting: 24 July, 1000UTC in #ubuntu-au.
See AustralianTeam/Meetings for more info

Team Contact: YukiCuss

See the New Members page if you are interested in joining.
Members List
Frappr! Group Map

See Projects page
For: Home | Schools | Businesses | Not-for-Profit
Other: Ubuntu Friendly Notebooks

Ubuntu in Australia:
See Customisation to customise Ubuntu for Australia

Quick Links: Talks | Local CD Distribution | Previous Meeting

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