Create a collection of presentations, case studies and resources for using and promoting Ubuntu and FLOSS software in Not-For-Profit and community organisations.

Status: Part of Ubuntu Australia Documentation Project / Ongoing

Started: Mon, 8 May 2006

In particular, if you have any case studies or arguments of why using Ubuntu makes sense for Not-For-Profit organisations, please let me know. Create a Wiki page with the details, and add the link here (or let PaulSchulz know).


Not for Profit e-business Report, December 2006

This report is about the use of ICT in the Australian ICT sector. It is not a report about the use of Ubuntu of Free and Open Source Software. It does give a good insight though into what Australian Non-for-profit organisations are using, and what is being promoted as 'best practice' within the industry.

My commentary can be found at AustralianTeam/Projects/NotForProfitReport.

Other Collections

Some Examples

Spanish region goes entirely open source

From the article (1 August 2006):

Extremadura, Spain's poorest region, made headlines following a 2002 decision to migrate about 70,000 desktops and 400 servers in its schools to a locally tailored version of Debian called gnuLinEx.

The government has estimated that the total cost of this project was about 190,000 euros (£130,000), 18 million euros lower than if the schools had purchased Microsoft software.

Australian Case Studies

Do more

Connecting a Remote Community in South Australia

(Added by PaulSchulz)

Noven divi Flamen (Project Officer) build a computer network to assist the local community in Copley.

Novan has been intervied on the Linux Australia Update (podcast - episode 24) which can be found here.. ogg mp3 (at 10min21sec into the episode)


Why Free and Open Source Software for your organisation?

  • Do more
    • No software usage restictions
    • Use as much or as little as you need
    • You spend your money on what you decide you need
    • The local economy grows
  • Do less
    • Worrying about your ICT systems
    • Migration
    • Unscheduled downtime
    • Software Training
  • Help others
    • Free to distribute
    • Introducing Linux to others is easy
    • Distribution resources are available (Free CDROM's)
  • Free your Organisation
    • Software become yours to use as you see fit
    • There are no restrictions on how you can use the software
    • No lockins, no false promises
    • Free to distribute the software to others
  • Recommend Linux to your clients?
    • Your business tools can be their business tools as well


  • What was the name of the project?
  • Who was the group/organisation?
  • What was the goal of the excersise?
  • Did it meet the goals?
  • What was the cost? (Resources required - Money, Time and People)
  • Can it be done again? What could be done better?
  • Who can be contacted for more information?

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