Photography Competition

Please note, this is not a confirmed competition. At this stage, it is just an idea. Please DO NOT SEND SUBMISSIONS YET

What is this about?

You may, or may not have, heard about the distribution of Linux known as Ubuntu. Within the Ubuntu comunity, there are various Local Community Teams (LoCoTeams) including one for Australia.

The Australian Ubuntu LoCoTeam is seeking contributions for use in a wallpaper package for use mainly in the Ubuntu distribution. The resulting wallpapers will be usable under any Operating System, but will be branded with the photographer's information (name and URL) and the abbreviated name of the Australian Ubuntu LoCo Team, which is Ubuntu-Au.

Here is an example of the attribution:


Please note: Do not do the attribution directly on the photograph, yourself. This will be done at a later stage for the sake of continuity through the series.

Attribute yourself either:

  • In the meta of the digital image
  • In a text file contained on the CD
  • On a piece of paper sent with the submission, or
  • With an archive quality, soft-tipped pen on the back of the print/s


As yet undecided. It will not be anything major though.

Conditions of entry

There are a number of conditions of entry for this competition. These are:


The subject of submitted photographs must be distinctly Australian.

Subject suggestions include, but are not limited to:

  • Natural landscapes
  • Native Plants and/or Animals,
  • Cityscapes
  • Iconic structures
  • People

If your subject involves people in situation where they are likely to be recognisable, their written consent must be obtained for the publication of the photographs in which they are shown. Original copies of the written consent must be sent to Photography Competition, P.O Box 1412, Lavington 2641. Please use the release form provided here.

All submissions must be work and family friendly, and remember: unique, original and interesting submissions are probably most likely to be chosen.


Entries must be released under any of the following Licences:


There are two categories:

  • Standard
    • This category applies to both normal (4:3) resolution and widescreen (16:9) resolutions.
  • Panoramic
    • This category is intended for usage with dual-head (two monitor) setups.

Format and Submission

Each person is limited to 3 submissions per category.

Submissions must be received in relatively untouched state. Remove of artifacts or blemishes is acceptable. Do not add your attribution directly to the photograph, as this will be done at a later stage for the sake of continuity through the series.

Digital entries must in the .jpg/.jpeg format. Resolution must be at least 1600 pixels in width and 1200 pixels in height.

You can submit entries by the following methods.

  • Digital format (.jpg/.jpeg) on a CD, or
  • A developed print posted to:
    • Photography Competition P.O Box 1412 Lavington, 2641

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