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LCA2011 Sign Up Sheet

There will be a sign up sheet at the open day where people can choose to give us their details if they want to know more about Ubuntu or the Ubuntu-AU team but don't want to carry around pieces of paper. To this end I think it would be good to get some input. Obviously the sheet will feature the team logo and the Ubuntu logo. It will also have a table underneath with a space for a name and an email address. Any other ideas?

Follow Up Email

What information we should include in the email we send out to the list of people who have signed up.

Idea 1 - JaredNorris

Thank you for your interest in the Ubuntu-AU team shown at the Linux.Conf.Au 2011 Open Day. To find out more about the Ubuntu-AU team please check out the following links:

We look forward to hearing from you!

- The Ubuntu-AU Team

Note: This is a once off email that you have received this email because it was signed up at the Linux.Conf.Au 2011 Open Day to receive it.

Idea 2 - YOU

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