• Launch date for ubuntu.com.au- Jellyware
  • "Pimp my Ubuntu fests" (physical meetings where the old hands show us newbies how to do the more tricky things...)- Jellyware


  • PaulSchulz (Flying to Perth at the time) - See wikipage for status on 'Connecting Up O6' booth, promoting Ubuntu (sponsored by Linux Australia) - May 1-2. I'm looking for ideas on what to do with the booth.. I have 300 Ubuntu CD's to give away, and I will be running a slide show on a 17" monitor from my Mini-mac (ideas). I'm also thinking of a 'lolly bowl' and grabbing 100 or so of the Ubuntu Stickers as well.. maybe some burn-on-demand Dapper as well.. anyone else have any other suggestions? (I will be reading the minutes from the meeting.)

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