Primary Master: elkbuntu

(Meeting Chair)

New LoCoTeamContact for us

  • I need much more time for study if I'm ever going to get the ENTER I need; though I don't do much as a team contact as it is, there's not much use in holding up the position anyway - YukiCuss

  • YukiCuss was thanked for his contributions as team contact and elkbuntu nominated as the new contact.

Keeping meetings short

  • At the moment, our meetings drag on for exesive amounts of time - it would be nice to keep them to 30 minutes, unless there is a long agenda. - KarlGoetz

  • Success! The meeting lasted less than 30 minutes.

Wiki Maintainer ?

  • For the past few months I have been basically maintaining the wiki. I'm just wondering if I could at least become the recognised wiki maintainer, in the interests of keeping the wiki clean and organised (ie too many cooks... etc) and this would make it easier to keep track of who is doing / has to do what. - MatthewVermeulen

  • MatthewV was approved as the wiki maintainer.

Chair for next meeting

  • The person who will chair the next meeting (Primary Master) needs to be decided (Permanent Agenda Item)

  • It was decided that the chair for the next meeting will be decided after the meeting reminder has been sent out.

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