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  • Ops in #ubuntu-au
    • Theres only 2 ops in #ubuntu-au, and they are often/always away. It would be nice to have others. (KarlGoetz, aka Kamping_Kaiser)

  • Digital rights in Australia
    • Following the talk given by Rusty Russell, I felt we should discuss a formal statement/ some sort of co operation about signing the partition, and trying to make some sort of impact ( KarlGoetz)


  • New Channel Operators for #ubuntu-au
    • The topic of the Ops shortage was discussed. Nominations were taken and voted upon by the attending members. Consequently Kamping_Kaiser, siccness and elkbuntu have all been made channel operators by YukiCuss.

  • Digital Rights Petition
    • Reminder has been given for the Digital Rights Petition. Please get signatures from your School/TAFE/University, Workplace, LUG, or camp out at a shopping center and collect as many signatures as possible. See http://linux.org.au/law for more information.

  • Notice of IRC meetings to the list
    • It has been decided that each fortnight, the person who chairs the meeting will (within 24 hours) email a summary of the meeting to the mailing list. This person will also be responsible for sending a reminder to the list roughly 2 days prior to the next meeting (the Sunday before). Hopefully this will remind people of it's occurrance and may result in more people attending.

Feedback from last (June 13) meeting

  • APC (Australian Personal Computer) Magazine Contacted
    • As per the decision at the June 13th meeting, Ben Duivesteyn (Xice) contacted APC. He received a response that seemed promising.
    • Discussion at this fortnight's meeting (June 27th) it has been suggested that professional courtesy is extended to companies willing to provide support for commercial users of Ubuntu. More details will follow.

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