• Changing to fortnightly meetings
    • Going to fortnightly meetings may increase the attendance at the meetings because they are less frequent - NaamanCampbell

  • Adding a "Talks" section on the Wiki page
  • Official LoCo Team Confirmation

    • Apply for consideration for being added to the official listing of LoCo teams at the next CC meeting (see LoCoTeamList for more info) - NaamanCampbell

      • I've talked to Matthias Ulrichs about it, and we're now on the agenda for the next CC meeting. YukiCuss and I should be in attendance. - WilliamGrant

  • Projects
    • Schools Project
    • Business Project
      • Discussion of beginning an Australian Ubuntu-In-Business working group - NaamanCampbell

  • Marketing
    • Discussion of marketing strategies within Australia for Ubuntu - NaamanCampbell

  • Install CD distribution
  • Website/Forum
    • Is there a need for the AustralianTeam to have a website? Communications can be provided by the Wiki & Launchpad pages along with a permanent home on the Ubuntu Forums. - NaamanCampbell

  • Logo
    • DavidSymons created the idea for the AustralianTeam logo (Ubuntu logo with black Southern Cross superimposed), however his version was based on raster stars, and as such did not scale well. I created a new SVG version, although Gamma crucis (the left-hand point) needs repositioning. Any ideas? - WilliamGrant

    • How about a green kangaroo in the middle of the Ubuntu circle? The kangaroo would be exactly the same as the "Australian Made" kangaroo. - NaamanCampbell

Logo Candidates








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