• Contacting NSW Open Source about what they are doing and if the Ubuntu Australian Team can provide help and support, possibly once there is some good content on the ubuntu.com.au so that they can be presented with a professional group look. ( http://www.opensource.nsw.gov.au/ ) - Horsey/Phlosten

  • Horsey has volunteered to possibly provide a mobile phone contact number as a way of providing a professional way for other parties to contact the Ubuntu Australian Team - Horsey/Phlosten
  • Horsey may be able to write a diary following the conversion (to be confirmed) of a clients' computer network from Microsoft Windows machines to a Ubuntu structure. This would be good content for the ubuntu.com.au website. - Horsey
  • Also following this conversion (to be confirmed) Phlosten has suggested an interview with Horsey regarding the decision to suggest Ubuntu to clients, also content for the website. - Phlosten
  • I suggest moving the fixed meeting day from tuesdays to another day, or at least skew the current schedule by one week. As it is, every second meeting concides with the monthly LUV meeting, which is held every first tuesday of the month, at 9:00UTC - Cafuego,

    • Can we please make a definate decision on moving the meetings? I think this one has dragged on long enough. It would be good to know that some of our members can actually make it to all the meetings. Please see http://wiki.ubuntu.com/AustralianTeam/Meetings/OtherGroups for a list that I have compiled of other user group meeting times. From this list I propose that the group should organise meetings for the 1st and 3rd Wednesday evenings of the month to avoid any clashes whatsover. - Phlosten

  • A decision on a fixed date for the launch of the ubuntu.com.au website if this hasnt already been decided? The date needs to allow for any further contributions that are still being finalised, and for members to organise cross promotion. - Phlosten
  • On the note of the website, is anyone working on current signigicant contributions for the website that we should be waiting for before we launch it? If we can arrange some significant places to promote the website I really think we should have something worth coming to look at on the website. ie articles on Ubuntu already existing in key business, or in schools, specific case studies. Links to significant articles supporting a switch to Linux. Contacts for professional bodies should they need to contact someone (see horsey and mobile number idea). - Phlosten
  • Can we put together a master list of places to cross promote the website when we do indeed launch it. This would be so we do not double up on trying to advertise in the same place as another member, and to also brainstorm other places that we can access for promotion. Perhaps a wiki page with the suggestions and those members who will organise it. ie Tatey would like to promote the site on Overclockers Australia. - Phlosten
  • Organisation of activities for Software Freedom Day on 16th September, 2006 (Event to be added to the ubuntu.com.au website), suggestions for activities and other promotions and those willing to help with such tasks when the time comes. Start planning now so we can make this years Software Freedom Day in Australia get noticed! - Phlosten
  • Report on Ubuntu distribution at 'Connecting Up 06' - sponsored by Linux Australia - PaulSchulz

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