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This meeting was an impromptu emergency meeting held to discuss the future of meetings, which had not occurred for 3 fortnights.


  • Change the time when meetings are held?
    • While we have decided that Tuesdays are the best days on which to hold meetings, we have not re-considered the time at which the meetings commence. Meetings currently begin at 0900UTC, which is not ideal for everyone. We might wish to hold a poll to select the most appropriate time. - Karl Goetz, Sridhar Dhanapalan

      • Action: Meetings to continue on Tuesdays with increased effort to make them happen. If things continue to dwindle, we will consider other options.
    • Do we also need to change the time due to the end of DST? - MatthewVermeulen (MatthewV)

      • Action: Time reverted to 1000UTC, since daylight savings has ended. Further consideration of the time will be discussed at the next meeting

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