• Talk about adjusting the meeting times to GMT/UTC (both the same) to make it easier for other people (International) including the people in Aust. to participate in our meetings - Quail
    • Some users prefer UTC, others prefer Australian EST. Jellyware suggested we quote both time expressions when promoting meetings. quail seemed happy with that.
  • Speed of ubuntu.org.au The server its hosted on seems to be a little flakey of late. tonight, wed 7th may its just timing out. local hosting for the domain? - jellyware
    • Elkbuntu pointed out that the website is hosted on a community server provided by canonical. quail suggested that we host it ourselves in australia. Elkbuntu said "wgrant (fujitsu) and i have shell access. we can do anything that needs doing. if we both disappear, you can go direct to the canonical sysadmins and get it dealt with"
  • ubuntu in your local library. I thought it would be good to be able to borrow ubuntu from your local library, so contacted my local library and offered a factory made cd. their Collections Librarian contacted their IT librarian and responded that my venture was not suitable for them. has anyone else tried with their local library? - jellyware
    • elkbuntu suggested libraries would not accept software because they cannot guarantee it is safe. quail announced that he has got ubuntu added to both his local library and local tafe library by taking in his laptop and demonstrating the magic. jellyware volunteered to set up a wiki for "local libraries with ubuntu"
  • creation of "ubuntu au general chat" and "ubuntu au announce" mailing list. - jellyware
    • elkbuntu suggested that the current mailing list was not busy enough to split and that "canonical isnt likely to make superfluous ones for kicks and giggles anyway"

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