Time: tues 12th may 2009 9pm aest #ubuntu-au on freenode

Attending: jellyware, nandemonai, dns53, krups, VK7HSE, elky, ubot2, d-b, d1b, orly_owl.


• bug #1 and what everyday contribution we can make towards fixing it - blahdeblah (Paul Gear)

• New to AU LoCo... introduce yourself - VK7HSE

• more regular team meetings (monthly?) - jellyware

• propose meetings to be set firmly to 2nd Tuesday every month 9pm aest in #ubuntu-au on freenode - shirro

there was much discussion about how to prevent the monopoly that microsoft has over the computer industry (ubuntu bug #1) suggestions included greater awareness, making people more aware of what an operating system is, promoting ubuntu branded netbooks, getting dell computers pre-loaded with ubuntu, cd shipping, promoting a “non free” version of ubuntu, promoting ubuntu through community online access centres, lending ubuntu cd’s at local libraries and pushing the security aspects of ubuntu. More debate requested.

Meetings set to the second Tuesday of every month.

Introductions made.

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