* Meeting chairperson - Thanks for volunteering Bodman456!

  • Promoting Ubuntu to charitable organisations
    • o Charity stores such as the Salvo's or Lifeline often have computers for sale with non-free and unlicensed software on them, offering to install a free alternative (Ubuntu/Xubuntu) will assist them in allowing them to legally sell the system, and help promote Ubuntu to a wider audience (darkrose)
  • Running user presentations to promote Ubuntu to desktop users
    • o We prepare, advertise and give a 30minute presentation to 12-24 people at a time. They can bring their own machines. For the remaining time ?1.5 hours, we help them test and hopefully install Ubuntu.
  • Distributing Ubuntu CDs to the community (e.g. schools, libraries, people who ask for a cd of Ubuntu, etc.) - firtvid20

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