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Other Linux/Ubuntu Groups

The following list is a collection of information about various LUG and related meetings to help us select a better time to have the ubuntu-au meetings.

Meeting times taken from linux.org.au information and the links to the various groups. I have tried to find meeting times the best I could, there were a few I could not quickly find.


  • LOGIN - 3rd Of The Month
  • Sydney PC Users Group - 3rd Of The Month
  • KLUG - Alternate Mondays
  • TLUG - Alternate Mondays
  • PLUG


  • HVLUG - 1st Of The Month
  • LUV - 1st Of The Month
  • LinuxSA - 3rd Of The Month
  • PLUG
  • PC Users Group (ACT)


  • BUNDYLUG - 2nd and 4th Wednesdays
  • ASLUG - ?
  • DebSIG (Sydney) - 3rd Wednesday of the Month


  • SCLUG - 1st Of The Month
  • KSLUG - Alternate Thursdays
  • NOOSALUG - Every Thursday
  • Melbourne PC User Group - 1st Of The Month
  • CLUG - 4th Of The Month


  • MLUG - 4th Of The Month
  • SLUG - Last Friday of the Month


  • HUMBUG - Alternate Saturdays
  • SCCC - 4th Of The Month
  • USQLUG - 1st Of The Month

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