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To-Do List for Each Ubuntu-AU Meeting

Allocate Chairperson for each meeting

Each meeting needs to have an allocated chairperson responsible for organising and running the meeting

Update Pages

Each meeting needs to make sure the information is correct in the following locations:

Wiki Header

IRC Channel Topic - if you are not a channel operator please ping someone that is - see the AustralianTeam/ContactUs page.

Create Events

Each meeting needs to be created in the following locations




Each meeting needs to be publicised in the following locations

Mailing List

As a guide an email should be sent to the list when the meeting has been created, about a week before it's due to occur and also a reminder on the day. This should include a list of agenda topics so that those who want to discuss the ideas on the mailing list without being present are able to.

Social Media

Follow Up

At the completion of each meeting (within a few days) a meeting summary and a link to the meetingology logs should be emailed to the mailing list. This is important so that those not present have the ability to be aware of any outcomes.

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