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Ubuntu-AU Brisbane Installation Festival

In Brisbane, we've been having regular social gatherings. Paul has previously proposed that we hold technical gatherings monthly in the two months between each quarterly social gathering, which has been met with a good reception.

It's now time to start planning one. We will use this wiki page as the main source of collaboration and continue to use the main mailing list for communication. Please feel free to add detail where required. I am volunteering to lead the effort but we need some help with the planning and running of the day.


An installation festival open to the public and promoted well enough to have a high level of community involvement.


The even will come under the Ubuntu AU banner but anyone is welcome to join in and help out. Jared Norris is the project co ordinator and can be reached at at any stage.


We have successfully booked a room at the Brisbane City Council Library at Brisbane Square.


The booking has been made for 10am until 3pm on January the 8th 2012. This will enable it to be run in the school holidays to encourage children and parents to come along. It will also then not clash with LCA, another major event in Australia that will mean a lot of volunteers may be in Ballarat in this period.


  • To spread the word of Linux and Ubuntu to the greater community.
  • To get as many laptops/netbooks running Ubuntu as possible in Brisbane.
  • To show them there are alternatives out there and provide assistance to make the first step which is often the hardest.
  • To give them information on the team and how to get assistance as required down the track.


Our current needs to make this plan a reality are:

Resources Required


Brief Description

Who can provide?


Install CDs

Several hundred Ubuntu CDs


Ubuntu promotional materials to give away as prices

T shirts, stickers, pens, lanyards, hats

Conference Pack A ordered

Room banners & Posters

Advertising for the team and Ubuntu in general.

JaredNorris - Still have the ones from LCA 2011 but more would be great


to display promo videos

BodenMatthews - I believe we have access to a projector in the room, may have to double check in advance if the library has one.


ideally we'd want several newer laptops ranging from netbooks through to full desktop replacements to show what's possible

BodenMatthews - I am already bringing a laptop that is new-ish (ASUS F5GL), but it has overheating problems when trying to play games or do anything that stresses the GPU too much. Unity runs fine on it though with no crashes.

Networking equipment

Do we just use the Library's wifi? I don't think this will work as library membership is needed to log on. I propose that we try to be self sufficient in this regard

JaredNorris - I can supply a 48 port 10/100 switch & wireless access point for the day and laptop with usb drive with entire Ubuntu & Medibuntu repositories, need networking help to make the magic happen


We need marketing materials for the day (posters to put up beforehand)

Users have already contributed see here for different ones

Volunteers Required (& Roster)


Meet, Greet & Mingle


Technical - installation







0900 - 1000 (Setup)




1000 - 1100

JamesBeake, VadimPeretokin



1100 - 1200

JamesBeake, VadimPeretokin



1200 - 1300

JamesBeake, VadimPeretokin



1300 - 1400

JamesBeake, VadimPeretokin



1400 - 1500

JamesBeake, VadimPeretokin



1500 - 1600 (Pack Up)

JamesBeake, VadimPeretokin



I would like to think that after the days efforts we might want to go be social ourselves somewhere. Bearing in mind the location of the event suggestions welcome


Please list anything here you think can help make the day work well. Lets make this happen!


Can we have a roster of who will come to help and when? I can be there all day.

Equipment I can bring:

Toshiba Satellite A300 something or other - not a bad machine, currently has LTS

Eee-PC 900SD with working 3G currently with 11.10/Unity but it's sloooow. A better candidate for Lubuntu

Celeron 2.8 GHz with 1Gb and 2 HDDs. DVD burner is dud. My test machine - can be reformatted/changed/altered to whatever purpose.

HP 1740 LCD monitor (4:3 format)

A pentium something or other if it's still running/runnable. Maybe put Lubuntu on it for demonstration purposes? Hasn't been booted in Yonks, an old Windows 98 machine (might be an interesting weekend project anyway)

I've also made some inquiries about cheap 1Gb USB flash drives. Unfortunately the cheapest price I can get so far is $4.14 +GST but this is for quite a large amount. I'm still working on it.

Chris (fabricator4)

James Beake (bejames)

Assuming it will be hard to get people to drag in desktop PC, we could provide an additional reason for people to come along on the day by having a series of "lightning talks" / demo sessions on doing stuff with Ubuntu - a Ubuntu Showcase if you will. This could run in parallel with the install activities

Some topics for demos/talks:

  • Installing ubuntu (just a talk/demo)
  • finding and installing software
  • Photo editing
  • email and calendar
  • Internet safety
  • General Q&A "How do I......?"

I would be happy to run any of these but would welcome anyone else wants to run a session on one of the above or another topic. I think we have access to a projector in the room.

Boden Matthews (Bodman456)

On the subject of lightning talks, I will be bringing a laptop with Win7 on it to run a class on how to dual-boot an existing Windows installation with Ubuntu (via both methods, Wubi and GRUB). Stuff I'm bringing:

  • Myself + 1
  • 1x Toshiba Tecra A7
  • 1x 160GB portable HDD
  • 1x HP TouchPad 32GB (triple-booting WebOS, Ubuntu and Android)

  • 1x iPod nano 6G 8GB

Stuff I can bring if needed:

  • 1x Telstra Turbo Dongle (7.2Mbps HSDPA)
  • 1x iPod dock (with 3.5mm-in for using with a mic or PC)
  • 2x wireless mice
  • 1x webcam (Logitech QuickCam Express Go)

  • Lots of music (mostly new stuff)

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