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Australian LoCo team: Team Goals

Do we need a set of "Team Goals"?

  • Unlike the question of whether or not we need a mission statement, this question is not as obvious. There are reasons both for and against having a set of team goals
  • While teams goals may at first seem to be desirable, it seems that the "Goals" would be partly a re-iteration of the projects that members are working on
  • Should the projects be re-iterated in the "goals" of the team, or should this be a more generic statement of of the goals?
    • Arguments for:
      • + Keeping members on track to achieving the goals of the whole group
      • + Positive reinforcement when goals and milestones are met
      • + Shows the commitment of the team for achieving milestones
      • + Defining goals may require more discussion and discussion of specific stategies. This might be a positive thing for the group and may involve more members.
    • Arguments against:
      • - Requires resources to maintain the goals: is this "shaving the yak"?
      • - Goals would need to be updated frequently as things change - several times per year
      • - Setting goals that are not achievable would result in negative reinforcement for the group and individuals involved.
      • - Defining goals may tie up the group on needless discussion of the goals instead of achieving them - more yak shaving.

Currently I seem to be 4 for 4. Please discuss this the reasons for setting team goals


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: + 1 We need to set team goals because without goals how can we measure that we are fulfilling our mission statement. If we fail to achieve a goal we need to assess why we failed. Goals do not need to be specific in nature. For Example a goal could be 'We would like to hold release parties in each state capital' as opposed to 'We will hold a release party in each state capital'. The first example is something to aspire to, the second may be more difficult to achieve. -- andrew-gandella 2011-06-19 12:02:19

Hi Andrew, my problem with this is that "would like to" is not really a goal. It's also true that we need to set achievable goals and work towards attaining them. Perhaps "Will hold release parties in as many capital cities and regional areas as membership will support" Is an achievable goal (I note that Northern Territory would have a problem in this regards with its current membership)

Perhaps another goal should be to "Support the growth of active membership in all states so that it can become a self sustaining Ubuntu community". This could be achieved by all members by contributing ideas for promotion and growing active local communities. I see it as an achievable goal.

-- fabricator4 2011-06-25 23:17:09

Hi Fabricator4, I think we are just twisting words here about specific team goals, I thought that the topic was "Do we need team goals?". I do agree with your sentiment. When we get the mission statement set we can talk about specific goals to achieve the mission statement. -- andrew-gandella 2011-06-26 09:48:18

The Mission Statement already incorporates goals.

Looking at the outline above on goals, milestones and evaluative processes, the only things missing are the setting of performance indicators, appraisal mechanisms and who should crack the whip when the promised criteria are not met. This is a common business model and, in my opinion, quite inappropriate for a laissez-faire meritocracy that relies on the good-will of its members. This is getting too formal. -- kyphi 2011-06-28 04:48:29

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