• May Meeting - Regular Team Meeting held 10th May, chaired by JaredNorris and attended by 5 team members. The topics for discussion were differed to the mailing list or the next meeting. The decision was taken to change the day of the meeting to Sunday. A successful effort in increasing attendance, which has now almost doubled.

  • JoelPickett has started a translation team focused on Launchpad hosted software under the en-AU branch - the mailing list announcement can be read here and those interested in further information can find it on the group's new Launchpad page.

  • In response to team feedback JaredNorris has compiled a fairly comprehensive list of roles in the Ubuntu-AU team which can be found on the updated Contact Us page.

  • Discussion began about the use of social media for the Ubuntu Australia Loco. Action has since been taken on this front and the Loco now has a number of social media profiles which will increase its exposure and foster communitation within the team.

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