These tests are to test the functionality of the anjuta package. Please try to run all of the following tests.

Report any bugs you find at


Creating new file

  1. First choose File->New from the menubar

  2. A new page will appear in the editor (or a new window if the parent document is windowed)
  3. This new document will be named newfile#1, newfile#2, newfile#3 and so on.

File wizard

  1. First create a new file, choose File->New->File from the menubar

  2. This will open the New File Wizard dialog.
  3. Select the file type
  4. The suffix will be automatically added.
  5. add a license information
  6. Click OK to validate the creation.

Inserting macros

  1. Activate Macro plugin
  2. move the cursor at the desired place
  3. Select Edit->Macros->Macros

  4. Verify that the dialog window appears.
  5. Select the wanted macro in the list.
  6. Verify that the result of the macro expansion is displayed in the window and a summary is shown in the dialog window
  7. Choose Insert
  8. Verify that the expanded macro text is inserted at the cursor position.

Opening and saving files

Editor margins

Editor guides

Syntax highlighting

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