Tutorials / Classroom sessions

We hold these each cycle, and they are a great way to learn about the various tools we use for testing. All the areas are covered in the sessions.

About tutorial / classroom sessions.

What is the QATracker?

It is important to learn the basics about the QATracker. The QATracker is the master system for all of our testing within Ubuntu QA. It holds our testcases, records our results, and helps coordinate our testing events. It's really important that you learn about the basics and go on to understand how to use this tool to be fully able to participate in the activities listed below.

About the QATracker.

What happens during the testing cycle?

There are some differences between the derivatives of the Ubuntu family in carrying out their testing cycles. Some only release as LTS, some use alpha testing, some use only beta testing, and some use only release candidate. This is discussed on this link.

* About the Stages of Testing.

How and why do I report bugs?

We may all hate bugs, but finding them, getting them logged and following up on them is a critical part of our work.

What is SRU testing?

SRU Testing ensures that bug fixes work on the older releases before they are added as updates to those releases.

What is a PPA and why am I using it to test?

Sometimes software in development is made available via a ppa for testing.

  • This page explains ppa's and how they relate to testing.

Testing term glossary

See the ISTQB Testing-related term glossary.

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