The BOF sessions at an Ubuntu DeveloperSummit are more than just discussions among developers about a particular topic. They are intended to help produce written specifications, and they dynamically affect the schedule of the summit. To help in meeting these goals, here are some guidelines for running a successful BOF:

  • At the start of the session, nominate someone to take notes during the BOF. With over 100 hour-long sessions on different topics, discussion which isn't recorded is often forgotten.

    • The note-taker(s) should use the gobby server for collaborative editing, at

  • At the end of the session, update Launchpad to reflect the status of the specification.

    • If more discussion is needed, the status should be set to Discussion

    • If discussion is complete, but time is needed to work on the specification, set it to Drafting

    • If the specification is written and ready for review, set it to Review

  • After the session, use the notes to draft a specification document

    • It is crucial that the discussion be documented so that the conclusions are recorded and shared with the community
    • The scheduler will reserve the slot following the BOF for drafting, which will be indicated on the schedule. Use this time!

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