Hi! My name is Fernando Pereira, also known as BUGabundo (when online) and I'm a FOSS & Ubuntu advocate.

Contact information


Fernando Pereira




ubuntu (at) BUGabundo (dot) net


BUGabundo on irc.freenode.net & irc.ptnet.org




Fernando (at) BUGabundo (dot) net


http://BUGabundo.net/ & http://blog.linuxnodei.BUGabundo.net



Thanks to mdanielski whose template I reused and adapted.

About me

  • I'm a 28 year old SysAdmin with a keen interest in networking, voip, and gadgets. I also enjoy Social Networking and µblogging. I've been using GN/Linux since 1994 and Ubuntu full time since September 2006.

Contributions to F/LOSS

  • I'm an active member of the Portuguese LoCoTeam (on IRC, ML, website, events);

  • I'm the founder of my University FOSS students group [ http://www.dei.isep.ipp.pt/linuxnodei ];

  • I'm a F/LOSS Advocate, I promote the use of tools like Firefox, OpenOffice.org and GNU/Linux distros like Ubuntu;

  • I tend to be the middle ground between Devel World and User land, by keeping up on news from one side and passing them along to the other;
  • I'm an Alpha Tester by nature, so I will test, try, and fill Bugs on pretty much anything that can be run on my HW;
  • I give a Class on FLOSS to my University students and Public in general, letting them experience how to install Ubuntu, learn the GNU Philosophy, and a broad contact with the applications available and how to use them, a partnership from my LUG group and University;
  • Active member on Laconica project (Trac admin), as with many other µblogging projects

Future Goals

  • Become an Ubuntu Member;
  • Consider to get into Bug Control Team
  • Finally get my 101 LPI;

Testimonials for Membership Application

I believe Fernando's karma would be enough to justify his role as an Ubuntu member. But he is not only a bug master, he's also a constant presence and help in several forums, particularly the Portuguese ones. Fernando is someone that represents the best of Ubuntu. - JoaoNeves jneves

I've known Fernando since he first dropped by our PortoLinux user group meetings. He's an ineffable GNU/Linux and Free Software evangelist, and he lends great energy to the GNU/Linux movement by continuously organizing events and by actively participating in both the local and global Ubuntu community. - Pedro Ângelo ~pangelo

I have had many iteractions with BUGabundo, in many different Ubuntu areas. He restlessly pursues a better Ubuntu experience, and is always willing to help. He is certainly a good option for Ubuntu membership. -- C de-Avillez ~hggdh2

BUGabundo is very active in #ubuntu+1 and helps there with answers and advice. He is friendly and enthusiastic ~mvo

Fernando is an active member in the Ubuntu community. He has made significant contributions to bug triage, notably when investigating difficult issues. He is also a regular contributor to the Ubuntu IRC channels and mailing lists. - ~hew

I just want to say that BUGabundo is a very active 'spammer' (private joke) on the community +1 ~kimus

If karma alone were the requirement for Ubuntu membership, BUGabundo would immediately qualify. However, membership is more than just karma. It means helping others, through your activities. This is accomplished using IRC and mailing lists in a highly commendable manner. BUGabundo is always assisting others, and through his knowledge, gives solid replys. Also, his willingness to test not only pre-releases of Ubuntu, but any other applications as well is an example of willingness to improve Ubuntu. Many individuals claim to help through testing, but a willingness to participate actively through discussions and bug filing is the exception. BUGabundo has shown through actions that he does deserve Ubuntu membership. --~charlie-tca

Fernando has contributed to network-manager and Mozilla Team by testing packages, bug work, and countless other Ubuntu community related efforts. He is very active in #ubuntu+1 and #ubuntu-mozillateam. He is a great asset to Ubuntu. - John Vivirito --~gnomefreak

He's always willing to help the community; is an extremely active member in the portuguese ubuntu community; promotes ubuntu and free software related events; communicates very well; is always reporting bugs and helping users solve them. He will be a great addition to Ubuntu, believe me. --~brunoalexandremiguel


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