Dogfooding Ubuntu Phone

On this page I (Jono Bacon) am tracking my dogfooding of Ubuntu Touch on a Galaxy Nexus phone. My carrier is T-Mobile (US) and I am only tracking the features and requirements I need to use the phone on a general day to day basis. I am not tracking every bug or feature that is required for a final and complete version of Ubuntu Touch.

The primary functions I am striving for in this dogfooding is:

  • Making/recieving calls and text messages -- WORKING.

  • Browsing the web on my mobile and wireless connections -- WORKING FOR WIFI, TODO FOR MOBILE.

  • Browsing and adding contacts -- WORKING.

  • Taking photos with the camera and browsing them - -- WORKING.

  • Using the clock to see the time and wake me up in the morning -- TODO.

Features That Are Missing

Higher Priority

  • Screen auto shut-off when not used (otherwise the screen stays on and the battery dies) - DONE

  • Data on the cell network (primarily needed for browsing the web while out and about)
  • Setting the phone time - Can set this via the shell, but UI needed

  • No alarm functionality in the clock app.
  • No voicemail button.

Lower Priority

  • Speakerphone for calls
  • Import and publication of contacts to an external service
  • Can't add an app or item to the Launcher as a favorite.

Bugs That Need Fixing

A master bug list for getting dogfood ready is at

Higher Priority

Lower Priority

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