Announcing... the Badger Badger Badger Tour! JeffWaugh will be travelling for a month and a half, criss-crossing the northern hemisphere, to bring the world of Ubuntu to your doorstep. Expect badgers, mushrooms, schnaaaaaakes, an awful lot of Ubuntu CDs, and a healthy dose of madcap hijinks. If you'd like to catch up with Jeff during the tour, add your details to this page or send him an email!

Each section includes a list of people or groups I'll be catching up with. I will try to include contact details where possible, so anyone checking out this page can join in. Please email me if you would like contact details for a particular item.

Boston, USA: October 7th - 11th

  • Hanging out with all the GNOMErs at the Boston Summit, 8th - 10th

  • Keeping up appearances at the only place to be seen this year, the Acetarium.

London, UK: October 12th - 15th

  • Visiting the South London office


Amsterdam, The Netherlands: October 17th - 20th


  • 18th: MartijnVanDeStreek's birthday (some Lugradio people are coming as well)

  • 19th: Talk to compsci students and beer with the DutchTeam!

Milan, Italy: October 22nd - 23rd


Mérida, Extremadura, Spain: October 24th - 25th

Montreal, Canada: October 26th - November 6th

Major Cities Tour

The following groups around the USA (and Canada!) have managed to rearrange my schedule through petition power! I'll be visiting all of them on my way from Canada to Mexico. Come along if you're nearby!

Toronto, Canada: November 7th

Washington DC, November 8th

  • NoVALUG in Washington DC and Northern Virginia

Princeton, November 9th

  • LUG/IP and other groups in New Jersey!

Raleigh/Durham, November 10th

  • TriLUG and nearby groups in North Carolina... at their meeting location: Red Hat World Headquarters!

Portland OR, USA: November 29

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