Hi. I'm Barry Warsaw. I have worked for Canonical since January 2007. For my first three years, I was on the Launchpad Registry team, where I was primarily responsible for the implementation, care, and feeding of Launchpad mailing lists. I did a bunch of other things registry-related as well. In early 2010, I joined the Ubuntu Platform Foundations team.

Want to know about the latest developments in Python on Ubuntu?

Brief background

I've been a core Python developer since 1995, and worked with Guido in PythonLabs at various previous employers. I've written many independent Python libraries, was instrumental in the development of the email package, was lead maintainer of Jython for a while, and have had my hand in many aspects of the Python community and running the infrastructure. I was release manager for Python 2.6 and 3.0 and a few earlier versions.

I'm probably best known for being the lead developer on GNU Mailman, a mailing list manager, for which I won the Second Annual Antonio Pizzigati Prize. In fact, it is GNU Mailman that powers Launchpad's mailing lists.

In my previous incarnations I did a lot of Emacs development.

You can find out more about me at my personal website including my GPG and SSH public keys, and some of my non-computer related interests. Yeah, I do have a blog.

Ubuntu Development

I work a lot on various Python issues in Ubuntu, Debian, and upstream. I do other stuff too.

New machine buildout

When prefixed by a letter, step applies to that version of Ubuntu.

  • Fix display resolution
  • use gnome-tweak-tool

    • Swap control and capslock
    • Key theme - "Emacs"
  • sudo apt install openssh-server openssh-blacklist-extra
  • sudo apt install bzr jed etckeeper python-all-dbg python-all-dev python3-all-dbg python3-all-dev aptitude subversion mercurial git
  • sudo apt install emacs25 emacs-goodies-el emacs25-el pyflakes flake8 pylint pylint3 python-mode
  • sudo apt install claws-mail* clawsker gnome-do chromium-browser
  • apt update; dist-upgrade; reboot
  • sudo etckeeper init; cd /etc; git commit -a -m'etckeeper init'
  • Go through System Settings
  • 24-hour clock, set location, wind speed in mph
  • set background to solid color (0/8/15 hsv - 38/35/35 rgb - #262323)
  • cd ~/.ssh; wget; chmod

  • from elsewhere, scp standard vm ssh credentials to ~/.ssh
  • cd ~
  • git remote add origin ssh://

  • git fetch
  • git co --force -t origin/master
  • /etc/default/grub - text boot
  • idle time screensaver to 1hr
  • sound theme == none
  • system -> preferences -> startup applications; disable gnome login sound (bug 277203)

  • system -> administration -> login screen (check and then uncheck login sound)

  • setup Terminal
    • Dark Ambiance (make default via Profiles...)
    • 80x46
    • text color (0/0/100 hsv - 255/255/255 rgb - #ffffff)
    • background color (0/0/19 hsv - 48/48/48 rgb - #303030)
    • background solid color, no transparency
    • unlimited scrollback
  • rm -f ~/examples.desktop
  • gconftool-2 -s /apps/notify-osd/gravity -t int 2 (sucks, but it's the best we can do apparently)
  • fix /etc/hosts
    • remove mapping for (dhcp will dtrt)
  • apt-get tweaks
    • echo 'Acquire { HTTP { Proxy ""; }; };' > /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/02proxy

    • clean up sources.list
  • sudo apt-get build-dep python python3 python2.7 python3.5
  • rsync -avz .claws-mail newmachine:
  • rsync -avz .config/chromium newmachine:.config
  • rsync -avz .mozilla/firefox/blah.default newmachine:.mozilla/firefox
  • FF default dance
  • add new machine to geometries in ~/env/elisp/fsfmacs/start.el
  • mkdir ~projects && cd ~projects

  • git clone

  • git clone

  • preferences -> keyboard shortcuts

    • activate the window menu (disable)
    • minimize window (alt+h)
    • maximize window vertically (alt+down)
    • maximize window horizontall (alt+right)
  • This

native mbp

  • MacBook Pro

    • ln -s env/keyboards/snowdog .xmodmaprc
    • sudo hciconfig hci0 reset
    • pair trackpad; disable apple trackpad when other device present

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