Name: Barry deFreese

Born: 15 March 1970 (Yes, I'm old)

Location: Schwenksville, Pennsylvania USA


IRC: bddebian on


Not much to say really. I started with RedHat, then moved to Debian fairly quickly. I'm basically a "luser" who longs to be a hacker.


Over the last few years, most of my involvement has been trying to help build/fix Debian packages for GNU/Hurd and a little bit of hacking on GNU Sysutils.

Unfortunately because I work full-time and have 3 small children, I can't dedicate a great deal of time but I do try to contribute wherever possible.


I really have no specific package that I am inherently interested in. Again, I typically just like to help out where/if I can.

  • - python-pyrtf: Updated from upstream for tritium and repackaged. (On REVU)

    - fpc: Built from UniverseCandidates but apparently it is already in the archive?

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