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Setup pbuilder - Issue

  • Setup pbuilder directs changing ~/.pbuilderrc

    • While confusing it is less an issue than I first thought -- lantzr 2013-02-08 06:48:44

    • sudo pbuilder
      • sudo will run pbuilder as root
      • /etc/pbuilderrb ponts to ../pbuilderrb
        • /pbuilderrc not installed
      • Will read ~/.pbuilderrc if it exists

Possible Corrections

  • Change ~/.pbuilderrc
    • should really add config file to /etc/pbuilderrc
  • Change /etc/pbuilderrc
    • Note weird symlink to root
      • /etc/pbuilderrc links to ../pbuilderrc
  • Change /pbuilderrc
  • Change /root/.pbuilder
  • Change pbuilder to not require root

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