Introduce yourself


Discuss suitable meeting times

Agenda discussion

Introduce yourself - A little introduction about yourself. Get to know other group members.

Discuss suitable meeting times - We need to arrange meeting dates and times.

Meeting Log

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<Ash_R> welcome Smile :)

* jgoguen looks around

<Ash_R> just waiting for yvan300...

<jgoguen> Shiny Smile :)

<Ash_R> ha Smile :)

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<Ash_R> and we are all here Smile :)

* yvan300 has quit (Remote closed the connection)

<Ash_R> and now we are not...

* yvan300 (n=yvan@unaffiliated/yvan300) has joined #ubuntu-YNU

<Ash_R> welcome back yvan300 Smile :)

<yvan300> thanks Ash_R

<yvan300> Ash_R: what's the topic?

<Ash_R> okay, this is a quick meeting. normally it would be with a little more notice Smile :)

<yvan300> ok

<Ash_R> first thing- a quick introduce yourself kind of thing Smile :)

<yvan300> ok

<Ash_R> i'll go first if it helps

<yvan300> ok

<yvan300> ....................

<Ash_R> well, my name is Ash_R and i'm a professional web developer and database administrator. I live in the UK, though i will shortly be moving to France (probably paris area). *more coming

<yvan300> Ash_R: you speak french fluently

<yvan300> ?

<Ash_R> i use several different linux operating systems including fedora 8, ubuntu 8.4 and 9.04. *more coming

<Ash_R> yvan300, not as much as i would like Smile :)

<Ash_R> * my main non computer hobbies is self fitness. i recently ran a half marathon.

<Ash_R> erm...

<Ash_R> i know. i'll let you ask some questions Smile :)

<yvan300> Ash_R: what is your workout routine?

<Ash_R> mondays, wednesdays, fridays i run 8 miles. tuesdays i play badminton. thursdays i go swimming. weekends i relax by playing snooker and pool

<Ash_R> any more questions? Smile :)

<yvan300> Ash_R: ur buff

<yvan300> ?

<Ash_R> yvan300, not especially. just fit. i do not work my upper body really

<yvan300> ok ok

<yvan300> well i guess i will start now

<Ash_R> cool Smile :)

<yvan300> ok well i'm yvan300, i'm 15 years and run ubuntu only...................

<yvan300> ammmm

<yvan300> i workout like Ash_R and am thin but fit Smile :)

<yvan300> i don't have a job yet and am hoping to be some kind of computer specialist

<yvan300> i play some soccer

<yvan300> that's about it Smile :)

<Ash_R> thank you yvan300 Smile :)

<yvan300> ur welcome Ash_R

<Ash_R> when did you first start getting into linux, and ubuntu? Smile :)

<yvan300> Ash_R: Feburary

<Ash_R> wow. impressive. you pick things up quickly

<yvan300> Ash_R: u?

<Ash_R> fedora a few years back. fedora 7 era. i have been using ubuntu since gutsy gibbon (i think)

<yvan300> oh ok, so what now Smile :)

<Ash_R> okay, Hellow. you want to introduce yourself?

<Hellow> Do I have to? :P

<Hellow> lol

<Ash_R> well. it would be nice to learn more about you Smile :)

<Hellow> Ok, fine then

<Hellow> I'm Collin, 14 years old, been using Linux for around 4 years.

<Hellow> I love to build computers and most tech related things

<Hellow> Besides technology, I enjoy basketball and running :P

<yvan300> how did u come up with your nick?

<Hellow> yvan300: I messed up spelling Hellow once, and I thought it would be funnay to keep using :P

<jgoguen> I'm jgoguen, at least I was last time I checked...I'm currently working as tech support for the nursing faculty of a university, working to become a software dev, too much school to have anything as interesting as everyone else, and I unfortunately have to run Sad :(

<Hellow> bye jgoguen Smile :)

<Ash_R> oh no jgoguen . see you Smile :)

<yvan300> laters

<Ash_R> Hellow, was ubuntu the first linux operating system you ever used?

<Hellow> Ash_R: The second, I was using Puppy Linux first

<Hellow> reason was because my desktop only had 128MB RAM :P

<Ash_R> cool. i recently compared puppy to crunchbang

<Ash_R> both really good.

<yvan300> Hellow: i feel sorry for u

<Hellow> I like tinycore more than most

<Ash_R> are we ready to move onto the second item ?

<Ash_R> we need to establish a meeting time.

<Hellow> yvan300: Oh, thats nothing now. I'm on a P4 with 768MB RAM :P.

<yvan300> Hellow: i still feel sorry for you:)

<yvan300> Ash_R: cool

<Hellow> yvan300: its still fast

<yvan300> lmao

<yvan300> Ash_R: hmmm

<Hellow> yvan300: A P4 > most of the older AMD processors

<yvan300> Hellow: what is your time zone

<Hellow> excluding any of the x2 procs

<Hellow> EST

<Hellow> er, ET

<yvan300> Ash_R: will the meeting time be temperory?

* jgoguen has quit ("Out for a while")

<Ash_R> yvan300, something more or less static would be great, but not essential

<yvan300> how about 10 hours ago Ash_R

<Hellow> I dont see us having to have meetings for a while

<yvan300> +1 Hellow

<Ash_R> i think as needed is best to be honest

<yvan300> yeah

<Ash_R> but how about every few months. just as a touch base

<yvan300> Ash_R: we need to get more members

<yvan300> Ash_R: let's go to #beginners and recruit Smile :)

<Ash_R> yvan300, we have a few members on the list. though myself and jgoguen have been unsuccessful at contacting them Sad :(

<yvan300> Ash_R: i though it was only me Hellow and montel

<Ash_R> yvan300, no. kabana, jamesfla murray92

<yvan300> oh

<Ash_R> but they have not responded to either of our messages

<yvan300> oh, but we need more, what about #ubuntu?

<Ash_R> well we can try there, though this group is primarily focused on the beginners team.

<yvan300> oh

<Ash_R> i would also be concerned if we were swamped Smile :)

<Ash_R> though i bet you guys would help out and set a good example

<Hellow> Dont go spamming channels :P

<Ash_R> +1 Hellow

<yvan300> Ash_R:hmmmm, what can we discuss now

<yvan300> Hellow: http://matthew.gwos.org

<Ash_R> 10 hours ago for me is fine

<Hellow> yvan300: Stop spamming that too, I already know it :P

<yvan300> Hellow: that one is harmless

<yvan300> Ash_R: wait

<yvan300> that's too early

<yvan300> for me

<Ash_R> i think they should just not be posted. compiled kernal has been asked to stop by others

<Ash_R> okay. when is good for everyone?

<yvan300> Ash_R: hmmm, the question is when is it good for u?

<yvan300> Hellow: school has ended for u?

<Hellow> yvan300: yes

<Hellow> yvan300: About a month ago

<Ash_R> yvan300, i am really flexible. though would not want UTC 23:00

<Ash_R> earlier than that is fine

* Hellow restrains himself

<Ash_R> Hellow, any time suggestions?

<Ash_R> or how about this sort of time every so often Smile :)

<Hellow> I like this

<Hellow> as-needed

<Ash_R> okay

<yvan300> Hellow: how come it ended a month ago?

<Ash_R> but i think a few days warning would be good for everyone

<Hellow> yvan300: ..because it did?

<yvan300> Hellow: that's weird, do u go some kinda slow school Smile :)

<Hellow> no

<Hellow> I got out in May

<Hellow> I go back in August

<Hellow> May 25th, I think

<Hellow> and august 7th

<Ash_R> oh, if either of you want to call a meeting just do it. me and jgoguen will do our upmost to attend Smile :)

<Hellow> heh


<yvan300> Hellow: what is ur iq?

<Hellow> yvan300: Last time I got a test it was ~115, I think

<yvan300> lmao

<Hellow> ..actually, i'm thinking its more around 120-130, I cant remember, it was almost 3 years ago

<yvan300> Hellow: don't lie

<Hellow> yvan300: I'm not

<yvan300> mines is 130 Hellow, so obviously ur lieing

<Hellow> yvan300: I doubt that

<Hellow> :P

<Ash_R> okay. do you two know of the meeting page we have set up?

<yvan300> i'm serious

<Hellow> Ash_R: yes

<yvan300> Ash_R: nope

<Ash_R> yvan300, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BeginnersTeam/FocusGroups/YNU/Meetings

<yvan300> ok

<yvan300> Hellow: do u have a gf???????

<Hellow> yvan300: yes

<yvan300> lmao

<Hellow> yvan300: The question is, do you?

<Ash_R> basically if you want to discuss anything group or ubuntu related post it in the agenda Smile :)

<Ash_R> if nobody has any objections i think we will finish the meeting.

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