April 5th, 23:00 GMT, 2007

Task List

1. Welcome to the Beginners Team.

  • Team Communication

    • irc meetings ? time
    • forums ~ Task list
    • wiki ~ Development

Volunteer to help coordinate intra team coordination ?

2. Team Goals.

  • Identify members to do certain tasks.

    • Wiki.
    • Answer threads.
    • Follow up on suggestions.

3. Quality Control in ABT.

  • What to do if conflicting information arises in a thread.

4. Overlap with other teams.

  • Unanswered ~
  • Hardware ~

5. Should we identify ourselves in our sig ?

6. Suggestions ?

Meeting Minutes

  • IRC has been decided as the meeting method. Forums optional.
  • Launchpad tickets + team suggested. https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu

  • No quota--too job like = unenjoyable.
  • Forum tags brought up: [uwiki][/uwiki] tags and [udsf]
  • Mailing List

  • Forums should be used for solutions, wiki for teaching.
    • It's important to link well in forum replies.
  • The most important thing is to teach people how to help themselves

  • answering one post after another after another you start droning and getting short about it is unhelpful.

  • Identification as Team Member strongly encouraged for new members, mandatory for experienced ones.

  • Semi-democracy, bodhi holds veto.


  • Goal of teach CLI is to remove phobia, not make gurus.
  • GUI first, CLI links subtly available everywhere.
  • Approach

    • Mom wants to learn how to install an app, she uses Add/Remove Programs, and such equivalents everywhere, for everything she needs. However, the cli lies underneath, and documentation is always readily available if for whatever reason she wants or needs to learn.

Quality Control

  • If conflicting information arises:
    • If all methods work then state so, indicated which is easiest. Explain why methods may or may not work.
  • Discuss any difficult or controversial methods before posting.
  • Conferring, should happen on the irc channel
  • Mentoring should be done informally
  • If misinformation has been provided, subtly provide the right solution, avoid bashing

NEXT MEETING TIME April 12, 2300 GMT '07

Simply Discussed

  • Project Leaders in here to become "Senior Members" of sorts

Items for next meeting

  • Power, Discipline, Structure, Authority (partially covered already)
  • Non-team member participation? Public or private channel? Post logs? Thread discussion afterwards?


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