UbuntuForums Beginners Meeting #3 Meeting April 12 2300 UTC '07

Areas Of Discussion

1. Power, Structure, Authority, Discipline etc.

2. Mailing list.

3. Progress on member identification in forums.

4. Task list

5. Decide on community participation regarding meetings

  • Sit in, with voice
  • Moderated IRC
  • Post logs?
    • Post in forums for people to comment?

6. Other team cooperation, possible merge with -nun?

7. Decide next meeting time.

  • Alternate meeting times as well

Meeting Minutes

Mailing list

  • Registered, waiting to go through
  • You will need to sign up for it.

Areas of focus

  • IRC can also be another area we work on.
  • Wiki
    • Open Suggestions, with approval by Team Leader/Bodhi
      • Can use a poll to see which topics are in high demand

Team Cooperation

  • New Users Network
    • Merge Possible, find out more information
    • Proposal will need to be drafted
    • Absorbtion on our side possible
    • We may not have the resources to mentor/hold classes

Team Identification

  • Your choice of userbar, if we get sig image privileges
  • Bodhi has no response from Ubuntu Daemon yet, waiting on reply.

Unanswered Posts

  • Large backlog, #ubuntuforums-unanswered

Areas to cover: Forums, IRC, Wiki, Launchpad


  • Subteams to be called focus groups
    • Work on everything, focus in a particular place
  • Focus team leader applications to be posted on the forums and voted for @ the next meeting
  • Leaders are more like guiders, speak on behalf of section and organise
  • Bodhi has veto power

Things Simply Discussed

  • Mentoring not popular
    • Open questions and answers are the preferred method
  • It seems that we may get first crack at posts newer than a month

Items for the Next Meeting

  • Discipline/Unruly Members
  • More on Structure/Authority
  • Follow up on Focus Leaders

Next Meeting at April 19th 2300 GMT '07

Minutes Contributors: nothlit, ajmorris


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