UbuntuForums Beginners Meeting #4 Meeting April 19th 2300 GMT '07

Almost nobody was on time this week, please be here for the meeting.


1. Mailing list.

2. Alternate meeting times.

<bodhi> I am available limited times due to work/family. All times GMT and these are START TIMES for 1 hour meetings.

  • Weekdays 13:00 ; 1800 ; 2300; 02:00-05:00
  • Weekends 19:00 ; 20:00, 02:00-05:00
  • Note: These times may be subject to change if I messed up on the conversion from Montana time to GMT</bodhi>

3. Areas of focus:

4. Overlap with other teams.

5. Identification in signature.

6. nun (New User Network). It would be ideal if a representative of the nun could make the meeting .

7. Team structure / organization.

8. Community Participation. I welcome community participation. Team members may add topics to the agenda without the expectation they will make the meeting. Community members may add topics to the agenda, but will be expected to make meetings if the topic is to be discussed (or make arrangements with bodhi.zazen ...).

9. Suggestions.

Meeting Minutes

Mailing List

  • No apparent updates--Bodhi will follow through.
    • Update: adamtropics was handling it, either he or bodhi will handle it

Meeting Times

  • valke
    • Bad = Tuesdays, Thursdays
    • Late Nights Good
  • Bodhi
    • Late Nights as well, after 0200 GMT, 10 PM EST
  • Toxicity
    • After 8pm weekdays, but before midnight
  • vayde
    • After 10pm EST anyday but Thursday

Focus Groups

  • Toxicity: Launchpad, nothlit: wiki
  • Tentative
    • ajmorris for irc. igknighted for forums, valke for hardware


  • Nothing yet, no report back from jenda
    • Will talk to nalioth


  • Text Strings only, to be decided in forums

Decision Making

  • Mailing list seems essential, useful for slow things.
  • IRC for other stuff, and forums for people who can't be present.

Hardware team

  • Some talk of absorption, has been discussed at #ubuntu-meeting.

Things Discusssed



Next Meeting @ April ?? ???? GMT '07


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