May 3, 2007

Task List

  1. Mailing list.
  2. Alternate meeting times.
    • I am available limited times due to work/family. All times GMT and these are START TIMES for 1 hour meetings.
      • Weekdays 13:00 ; 1800 ; 2300; 02:00-05:00
      • Weekends 19:00 ; 20:00, 02:00-05:00
      • Note: These times may be subject to change if I messed up on the conversion from Montana time to GMT
  3. Areas of focus:
    • IRC. ~ Lead ajmorris
    • Forums ~ Lead igknighted
    • Wiki ~ Lead nothlit
    • Launchpad ~ Lead Toxicity999
  4. Identification in signature.
  5. nun (New User Network). It would be ideal if a representative of the nun could make the meeting .
  6. Team structure / organization.
  7. Community Participation. I welcome community participation. Team members may add topics to the agenda without the expectation they will make the meeting. Community members may add topics to the agenda, but will be expected to make meetings if the topic is to be discussed (or make arrangements with bodhi.zazen ...).
  8. Suggestions.

Meeting Minutes

  1. The mailing list is expected "soon", according to bodhi_zazen.
  2. A weekend meeting time was discussed, and there were no objections to Saturday night at 03:00 GMT (11pm Eastern, 9pm Mountain). Our next meeting will be held in this time slot.
  3. Areas of Focus
    • It was decided that Focus teams need to get underway. Threads will be made in the forums for team members to sign up for a focus.
    • The LaunchPad team appears to be the largest and most organized focus area right now. Since it is so large, Toxicity999 is going to become more stringent with membership, restricting it to team members and those with high karma (active members).

    • Once the wiki team is filled out, the plan is for the experienced users to create a framework for the wiki, and let newer users help out filling stuff in. Nothlit is working on the outline.
    • The forum team, once filled out, will be responsible for ensuring that all posts in the beginners forum get the needed attention. If a post is getting ignored, a forum team member should answer it if they can, or alert another member (especially via IRC) who has more experience to look at the post. Common issues recently have been with partitioning/disk issues, and video card drivers. These top issues need to be passed to the wiki team for inclusion in the beginners page.
    • IRC seems fine.
  4. The hardware team was discussed. Many feel the problem with the hardware team is that it is impossible for the team members to have experience with enough hardware. No one really had any solutions at the moment however.
  5. Team members will be identified by links in their signatures on the forum. This post contains the template: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=2588259. Experienced team members are required to identify themselves, while it is optional for newer members.

    • Bodhi_zazen wants the team to move beyond the IRC channels and be more visible in the forums. This includes the identification above. By linking to our sub-forum, the signature identification should attract more prospective team members.
    • The identification should also point new users towards an area where they can let us know what frustrated them when they first started. This feedback is invaluable when trying to set up a beginner's wiki page.
  6. Nothlit proposed a "junior squad", which would allow newer Ubuntu users with the desire to help to join the team and be mentored until they were able to contribute more to the team
  7. The next meeting will be held at 03:00 GMT Saturday May 12, 2007. Aj will take notes, and we will rotate for subsequent meetings.

Items for Next Meeting

None discussed, please check the sub-forum for an agenda as the meeting approaches or let bodhi.zazen know if you wish to add to the agenda.


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