1. Mailing list.

  1. Alternate meeting times.
    • I am available limited times due to work/family. All times GMT and these are START TIMES for 1 hour meetings.
      • Weekdays 13:00 ; 1800 ; 2300; 02:00-05:00
      • Weekends 19:00 ; 20:00, 02:00-05:00
      • Note: These times may be subject to change if I messed up on the conversion from Montana time to GMT
    • If this meeting time is poor I would like to fall back to previous times (Thursday 6 PM Montana atime (Montana is GMT -6).
  2. Areas of focus:
    • IRC. ~ Lead ajmorris
    • Forums ~ Lead igknighted
    • Wiki ~ Lead nothlit
    • Launchpad ~ Lead Toxicity999
  3. Identification in signature ~ Any questions on this ?.
  4. Community Participation. I welcome community participation. Team members may add topics to the agenda without the expectation they will make the meeting. Community members may add topics to the agenda, but will be expected to make meetings if the topic is to be discussed (or make arrangements with bodhi.zazen ...).

Meeting Minutes

Mailing List

Meeting Times

  • Bodhizazen has not had much feedback regarding times to meet.
    • Possible switching between Thursdays and Saturdays

Areas of Focus

  • Launchpad ~ Toxicity999 - Group not registered for mail alerts, because it would result in too many emails. Instead, users should scour the answers section and answer them where applicable.
  • IRC ~ Ajmorris - No real team to co-ordinate yet.
  • Forums ~ Igknighted - not present at the meeting however, will post threads that need the teams attention in IRC
  • Wiki ~ Nothlit - Are up and running with a few members in the team.

Identification in Signature

  • Links seem to be a good identification method.
  • No questions, problems or follow-ups.

Community Participation

  • Bodhizazen is starting to invite new members with, however, the slowing of the pace of recruitment in mind.
  • Agreed that more focus is needed on getting more activity out of the current members, than in inviting more.

Things Discussed

Member Activity

  • Possibly, without harassing, send an email to seemingly inactive members.

Team Situation

  • It is undecided, but there might be an 'absorbtion' of the Hardware Team.
  • Possible signature tag with a blurb or link on how to join the team.
    • Members list to be posted on the team sub-forum.

Next meeting time @ 00:00 GMT June 15th 07


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