This was a fairly short meeting, primarily an update of team activities.

Turnout was a success !

1. Bodhi.zazen joined the staff as a moderator.

2. The team has established a mailing list with google groups. Register with google and go here :

Mailing List

Ask to become a member of the team (the group is private on google and membership is approved by Toxicity).

3. Focus groups :

  • IRC ~ Not very active. ajmorris is the only member of the group.
  • Forums ~ The team is becoming more active on the forums. Thanks Neolithium

    • Quick note about automatix
      • Official policy : http://ubuntuforums.org/announcement.php?f=13

      • If you see an automatix thread :
        • Answer the "ubuntu way"
        • You may answer the "automatix way" if you know the anwer, otherwise direct any automatix questions to the automatix forums
        • Report any inappropriate posts
        • Do not become involved in flame wars
  • Launchpad ~ Again the team is becoming active with launchpad. Thanks Toxicity999 and Neolithium

  • Wiki ~ The wiki team has started to have some membership.
  • Hardware ~ The hareware focus group has not yet started.

4. Recruitment : We have a few new members of the team and two "in the wings" (having problems with irc).

Thank you everyone.

Next meeting : Friday July 6th GMT 00:00 (8 PM Eastern , 6 PM Montana).


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