Log of meeting on 6/3/08

General Agenda Items and Proposals




Mentoring in ##beginners-classroom / #ubuntu-classroom?


Beginner Team Avatar Theme






Rewrite our Mission Statement

Agenda discussion

  • Recruitment ~ Thank you to all the members of the team. I feel we have a stable core for the team and would like input from the team re: recruitment. It seems, for better or worse, one requirement is that members use IRC, at least from time to time. It seems to me that team members who are only "forums based" do not seem to integrate into the team and we often have little contact with them. In addition I think step one is for potential new members both become comfortable with IRC and that we get to know them before asking them to join. So I am thinking :
  • Establish contact on IRC.
  • We take the time to identify potential new members.
  • Potential new members are then "nominated" by team members by having an existing member post the nomination here.
  • We vote nominees up or down @ meetings, in private.
  • Bots. There are too many and at times it is distracting (or worse). I would ask the bots be scaled back and only be brought in after asking permission. I would not mind a single "Team bot" , but we would need to agree to this as a team and designate the bot.

  • Mission Statement - it is vague and tacky, to say the least. We need to lay out EXACTLY why we are here and what our mission is - this will allow us to think and act in the best interests of the team, and ultimately, the Ubuntu community.

New Members

  • From Joeb454: I would like to nominate tinivole as a potential member, though I only contacted him today (June 1st) But his posting seems plenty good enough, and he's interested.


(05:01:25 PM) bodhi_zazen: # Start Meeting

(05:01:27 PM) Maddeth: im just gonna sit in and pipe up if i think of anything

(05:01:28 PM) bodhi_zazen: #############

Welcome New Members

(05:01:47 PM) bodhi_zazen: First, welcome all new members

(05:01:47 PM) ***speeddemon8803 sees im gonna have to clean up this log file.

(05:02:31 PM) the-stace: thank you Smile :)

(05:02:43 PM) bodhi_zazen: Any of the recent members want to pipe in Smile :)

(05:02:48 PM) Rocket2DMn: Guys and gals, you can follow the meeting agenda here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Beginners/BTMeetings

(05:03:24 PM) speeddemon8803: To all the new members: Welcome to the ubuntu forums beginner team, we hope you have an enjoyable experience in this team and can contribute and help out as much as possible..we love having you here!

(05:03:40 PM) ***speeddemon8803 sits back down

(05:04:01 PM) bodhi_zazen: OK, Second Welcome to those new Padwa

(05:05:00 PM) bodhi_zazen: I am not sure if we need to run through the focus groups, but why not


(05:05:03 PM) bodhi_zazen: First, forums

(05:05:22 PM) bodhi_zazen: Thank you everyone for all you do on the forums

(05:05:27 PM) st33med: ############################################################################################

(05:05:43 PM) st33med: Beat that many #'s

(05:05:45 PM) st33med: Big Grin :)

(05:05:50 PM) ***st33med sits

(05:05:54 PM) bodhi_zazen: You are all doing great

(05:05:55 PM) ***speeddemon8803 smacks st33med, be quiet! Smile :)

(05:06:25 PM) bodhi_zazen: any questions re: forums ?

(05:06:27 PM) ***vor-ubuntu assumes bodhi_zazen hasn't seen some of vors posts

(05:06:42 PM) ***bodhi_zazen looks the other way when necessary

(05:06:50 PM) ***Flare183 laughs

IRC Focus Group

(05:07:20 PM) bodhi_zazen: OK, IRC Focus group ?

(05:07:26 PM) st33med: #####################################################################################################################

(05:07:32 PM) st33med: Smile :)

(05:07:41 PM) bodhi_zazen: Smile :)

(05:08:04 PM) bodhi_zazen: Questions re: IRC Focus team ?

(05:08:05 PM) Rocket2DMn: follow the Focus Groups here - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Beginners/Team/FocusGroups

(05:08:17 PM) bodhi_zazen: Thanks Rocket2DMn

(05:08:23 PM) speeddemon8803: i believe the irc focus group is coming along nicely bodhi_zazen, no questions, just that comment.

(05:08:31 PM) bodhi_zazen: kk

(05:09:03 PM) bodhi_zazen: Next ....


(05:09:07 PM) bodhi_zazen: #################################################################

(05:09:09 PM) st33med: #############################################################################################################################################################################################################(>.)>##############

(05:09:13 PM) bodhi_zazen: lol

Wiki Team

(05:09:20 PM) bodhi_zazen: Wiki Team :

(05:09:31 PM) Rocket2DMn: hi.

(05:09:35 PM) bodhi_zazen: Rocket2DMn, thanks

(05:09:40 PM) st33med: lol

(05:09:55 PM) speeddemon8803: wiki team comment:Hi has been noted. Smile :)

(05:09:56 PM) Rocket2DMn: Wiki team is doing ok, I'm hoping to get people to help with the community wiki

(05:10:08 PM) bodhi_zazen: Wiki team looks good, anyone else working on wiki ?

(05:10:11 PM) Rocket2DMn: let me know after the meeting if you're interested

(05:10:19 PM) speeddemon8803: rocket, im interested.

(05:10:32 PM) speeddemon8803: meh, you said after meeting..whatever...yeah.

(05:10:49 PM) Rocket2DMn: yeah, let me know afterward and we'll discuss it

(05:10:52 PM) bodhi_zazen: My origional idea of a wiki team was to give people exposure / experience on wiki -> turn loose on Ubuntu wiki

(05:11:02 PM) Rocket2DMn: you can read here - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Beginners/Team/FocusGroups/Wiki

(05:11:29 PM) speeddemon8803: bodhi_zazen, still a good idea, but people should really download moinmoin if they want a full experience, that way the ubuntu wiki's arent totally crapped out.

(05:11:29 PM) bodhi_zazen: We could have a wiki tip page ?

(05:11:30 PM) bodhi_zazen: lol

(05:11:30 PM) Rocket2DMn: I will update that page later to note that we are moving on to help with community docs

(05:11:57 PM) Rocket2DMn: there are help pages for editing the wiki, I will post links from the wiki focus group page

(05:12:03 PM) speeddemon8803: (that way we dont have to edit our wiki because of someones huge mistakes)

(05:12:19 PM) bodhi_zazen: moinmoin ? does that not set up your own wiki site ?

(05:12:24 PM) speeddemon8803: rocket, great, thanks Smile :)

(05:12:53 PM) bodhi_zazen: +1 Rocket2DMn , but we should expand some of the examples, on out pages, IMO

(05:13:10 PM) bodhi_zazen: Questions re: Wiki Focus team ?

(05:13:20 PM) Rocket2DMn: alright, ill post some simple tips and links for wiki editing

(05:13:33 PM) #ubuntuforums-beginners: mode (+v chanlog ) by ChanServ

(05:13:36 PM) bodhi_zazen: Rocket2DMn, I can help as well

(05:13:49 PM) bodhi_zazen: Next ...


(05:13:52 PM) st33med: HAMMER TIME!!!!

(>^.^)> <(^.^<) ^(^o^)^ (>^.^)> <(^.^<) ^(^o^)^ (>^.^)> <(^.^<) ^(^o^)^ (>^.^)> <(^.^<) ^(^o^)^ (>^.^)> <(^.^<) ^(^o^)^ (>^.^)> <(^.^<) ^(^o^)^ (>^.^)> <(^.^<) ^(^o^)^ (>^.^)> <(^.^<) ^(^o^)^ (>^.^)> <(^.^<) ^(^o^)^ (>^.^)> <(^.^<) ^(^o^)^ (>^.^)> <(^.^<) ^(^o^)^

(05:13:57 PM) bodhi_zazen: lmao

(05:14:04 PM) speeddemon8803: next lmao?

(05:14:08 PM) Flare183: lmao

(05:14:13 PM) speeddemon8803: wow..this log is getting crazy!

(05:14:18 PM) Flare183: yeap

(05:14:19 PM) the-stace: ok gotta go

(05:14:20 PM) bodhi_zazen: speeddemon8803, yea, I think Rocket2DMn and I can post some tips

(05:14:21 PM) st33med: Smile :)

(05:14:24 PM) the-stace: ttyl

(05:14:27 PM) the-stace left the room (quit: "xoxo <3").

Launchpad Team

(05:14:36 PM) bodhi_zazen: Next Launchpad

(05:14:54 PM) bodhi_zazen: I think Launchpad is the forgotten child in the closet

(05:14:54 PM) speeddemon8803: launchpad's lookin sexy as always bodhi_zazen

(05:14:59 PM) Rocket2DMn: Toxicity isn't here

(05:15:06 PM) st33med: As always

(05:15:08 PM) Rocket2DMn: however, I am looking to ge tmore involved in LP

(05:15:10 PM) st33med: Confused :\

(05:15:11 PM) speeddemon8803: bodhi_zazen, yeah it has become that for a lot of users, but i still use it Smile :)

(05:15:20 PM) Rocket2DMn: anybody who wants to get involved wit hbug reports with me is more than welcome

(05:15:27 PM) y_lee: I registered today but haven't looked around much

(05:15:32 PM) bodhi_zazen: I will try to be more active in Launchpad

(05:15:44 PM) bodhi_zazen: Rocket2DMn, was talk'n Bug Reports earlier

(05:15:52 PM) Rocket2DMn: see - https://launchpad.net/ubuntu

(05:15:54 PM) speeddemon8803: im constantly active in launchpad if anybody needs tips and stuff on how to use it, let me know...ill help.

(05:15:59 PM) chanlog: Title: Ubuntu in Launchpad (at launchpad.net)

(05:16:20 PM) bodhi_zazen: How about an intro to launchpad on the beginner wiki pages ?

(05:16:29 PM) speeddemon8803: bodhi_zazen, sure, we can do that.

(05:16:34 PM) y_lee: great idea bodhi

(05:16:39 PM) alexandremrj: launchpad and translations? it's simpler for that than bug reports

(05:16:41 PM) ***Flare183 still wants to join and help (no rush)

(05:16:44 PM) bodhi_zazen: Brief how-to use launchpad, intro to beginner team on launchpad, and bug reports

(05:16:45 PM) Rocket2DMn: I'll setup a page for the Launchpad focus group

(05:16:46 PM) #ubuntuforums-beginners: mode (+v Joeb454 ) by ChanServ

(05:16:49 PM) alexandremrj: and you can perhps get more people

(05:16:53 PM) bodhi_zazen: we can refer team members to it

(05:17:01 PM) ***speeddemon8803 nods

(05:17:04 PM) y_lee: Smile :)

(05:17:10 PM) bodhi_zazen: \o/

(05:17:15 PM) bodhi_zazen: thanks speeddemon8803

(05:17:19 PM) ***Joeb454 strolls in late, and notices alan is now speeddemon8803

(05:17:21 PM) Joeb454: again

(05:17:31 PM) speeddemon8803: joe, yup

(05:17:41 PM) bodhi_zazen: speeddemon8803, and Rocket2DMn when you update those wiki pages I can help proof ...

(05:17:44 PM) bodhi_zazen: wb Joeb454

(05:17:48 PM) Joeb454: ty bodhi_zazen

(05:17:48 PM) speeddemon8803: ok bodhi

(05:18:08 PM) bodhi_zazen: Thanks

(05:18:10 PM) Joeb454: I'll be like 5-10 mins before I can actually say anything, just got in Smile :)

(05:18:17 PM) bodhi_zazen: np Joeb454

(05:18:37 PM) bodhi_zazen: Questions re: Launchpad Focus team ?

(05:18:49 PM) speeddemon8803: none here

(05:18:55 PM) ***speeddemon8803 looks around

(05:18:55 PM) st33med: nope

(05:19:07 PM) speeddemon8803: you guys CAN speak up yanno Smile :)

(05:19:08 PM) bodhi_zazen: We shoulc contact Toxic and see if he would like to pass the launchpad focus group off ....

(05:19:34 PM) bodhi_zazen: Next ....

(05:19:44 PM) bodhi_zazen: st33med, poke

(05:19:52 PM) bodhi_zazen: where's the ##### ???

(05:19:58 PM) ***Flare183 knows/nods, but waits until he can join

(05:19:59 PM) Rocket2DMn: ok guys - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Beginners/Team/FocusGroups/Launchpad

(05:20:00 PM) speeddemon8803: ######################

(05:20:04 PM) chanlog: Title: Launchpad Focus Group - Community Ubuntu Documentation (at help.ubuntu.com)

(05:20:11 PM) Rocket2DMn: we will update that page later, please continue with the meeting

(05:20:25 PM) bodhi_zazen: Last I think is the Security Focus group

Security Focus Group

(05:20:47 PM) bodhi_zazen: I think the security group is in steath mode, which is fine

(05:21:04 PM) bodhi_zazen: My initial thoughts are to increase awareness of security

(05:21:04 PM) Rocket2DMn: it's more secure that way.

(05:21:08 PM) speeddemon8803: security and stealth are great Smile :)

(05:21:18 PM) vor-ubuntu: Always good to have you ports stealthed.

(05:21:21 PM) bodhi_zazen: I am thinking I should writ a brief how to UFW

(05:21:25 PM) #ubuntuforums-beginners: mode (+v PrivateVoid ) by ChanServ

(05:21:27 PM) bodhi_zazen: anyone here use UFW ?

(05:21:36 PM) alexandremrj: me

(05:21:37 PM) Flare183: What is UFW?

(05:21:45 PM) bodhi_zazen: Ubutu FireWall

(05:21:46 PM) speeddemon8803: ubuntu firewall

(05:21:48 PM) Flare183: oh

(05:21:51 PM) st33med: No...

(05:21:51 PM) speeddemon8803: yeah i use it bodhi

(05:21:52 PM) bodhi_zazen: It is very nice and easy to learn

(05:21:56 PM) alexandremrj: uncomplicated firewall

(05:21:57 PM) spiderbatdad: bodhi_zazen using your forums security page, in the forums, to direct new users is useful

(05:22:04 PM) ***Flare183 uses iptables

(05:22:04 PM) st33med: Would I need UFW?

(05:22:05 PM) spiderbatdad: +1 on great article

(05:22:07 PM) speeddemon8803: alex, yeah your right it is uncomplicated

(05:22:10 PM) Joeb454: ok back - I postponed my coffee until after the meeting Smile :)

(05:22:34 PM) speeddemon8803: alexandremrj, its not "ubuntu" its "uncomplicated" but..we like ubuntu firewall better :P

(05:22:40 PM) alexandremrj: ups

(05:22:48 PM) alexandremrj: nice

(05:22:52 PM) bodhi_zazen: OK, I would like to keep new users informed re : security

(05:23:08 PM) bodhi_zazen: Install & forget is a poor security practice

(05:23:16 PM) y_lee: lol

(05:23:17 PM) Joeb454: I don't recommend forgetting

(05:23:22 PM) bodhi_zazen: In terms of firewall, that is an opinion

(05:23:24 PM) Whiffle: forget what?

(05:23:26 PM) speeddemon8803: on any distribution or OS too

(05:23:38 PM) bodhi_zazen: we should avoid the flames re: firewall or not and teach users how to use it

(05:23:42 PM) bodhi_zazen: and what to use it for

(05:23:44 PM) speeddemon8803: install and forget about everything else....dude, thats asking for trouble.

(05:24:06 PM) st33med: I don't think users are going to be under attack by hackers...

(05:24:10 PM) bodhi_zazen: I will try to write a how to UFW in the next week or two

(05:24:28 PM) speeddemon8803: st33med, you never know...

(05:24:29 PM) bodhi_zazen: nice to introduce it as a feature, and it's capabilities and configuration options

(05:24:38 PM) Joeb454: ty bodhi_zazen, I don't use a firewall, though I haven't for about 1.5 years

(05:24:39 PM) bodhi_zazen: st33med, I disagree

(05:24:46 PM) alexandremrj: st33med, it's best to be safe than sorry

(05:24:47 PM) st33med: educate me

(05:24:58 PM) Monicker: many victims are targets of opoportunity. if you have been singled out, you are going to have a fun battle.

(05:25:10 PM) bodhi_zazen: If you run a ssh server, ftp server, or http you will be attacked

(05:25:11 PM) Flare183: !firewall

(05:25:12 PM) ubot3: Ubuntu, like any other linux distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'iptables' command (see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo), or GUI applications such as Firestarter (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE).

(05:25:18 PM) Maddeth: ok st33med i will hack you and then del all your files then we'll see what you say :p

(05:25:20 PM) bodhi_zazen: Install a ssh server and check you logs

(05:25:22 PM) spiderbatdad: bodhi_zazen =1

(05:25:25 PM) Flare183: or

(05:25:28 PM) Joeb454: bodhi_zazen, where is that log Wink ;)

(05:25:30 PM) chanlog: Title: IPTables HowTo - Community Ubuntu Documentation (at help.ubuntu.com)

(05:25:33 PM) bodhi_zazen: You will shit a brick in a day or two

(05:25:34 PM) spiderbatdad: a big hole in any firewall is not a firewall

(05:25:41 PM) Flare183: !virus (this is kinda of a weird link)

(05:25:48 PM) Flare183: ???

(05:25:55 PM) Flare183: PriceChild: sorry about that

(05:25:57 PM) bodhi_zazen: Joeb454, ssh logs later

(05:26:03 PM) PriceChild: Flare183: no problem

(05:26:06 PM) Joeb454: ok Smile :)

(05:26:08 PM) st33med: bodhi_zazen, but most users will not run http, tcp, or ssh server.

(05:26:17 PM) Flare183: !virus

(05:26:17 PM) ubot3: A/V software is available, however read this to understand why Linux does not have a virus problem: http://librenix.com/?inode=21

(05:26:20 PM) Maddeth: dont need

(05:26:21 PM) y_lee: agreed

(05:26:22 PM) spiderbatdad: st33med i disagree

(05:26:27 PM) st33med: lol

(05:26:29 PM) bodhi_zazen: IPTables is hard for new users to learn, and Firestarter is problematic at times

(05:26:45 PM) bodhi_zazen: st33med, lol

(05:26:47 PM) spiderbatdad: all kinds of ubuntu newbies are getting into ftp and ssh

(05:26:48 PM) speeddemon8803: ufw is the best thing that has come out IMO

(05:26:55 PM) chanlog: Title: The short life and hard times of a Linux virus (at librenix.com)

(05:26:57 PM) vor-ubuntu: st33med: I bet tronyx is trying to hax0r you even as we speak.

(05:26:59 PM) Flare183: bodhi_zazen: Please explain (I haven't had problems with IpTables)

(05:27:09 PM) st33med: Oh, dear god!!!

(05:27:16 PM) Flare183: st33med: What?

(05:27:19 PM) ***st33med hides behind sudo password

(05:27:22 PM) bodhi_zazen: OK, the arguement of why/when/if to firewall is a matter of opinion

(05:27:24 PM) spiderbatdad: lol

(05:27:27 PM) speeddemon8803: and this meetings going crazy :/

(05:27:34 PM) st33med: Smile :)

(05:27:35 PM) ***Flare183 shuts up

(05:27:54 PM) bodhi_zazen: We should focus on teaching how to firewall if users want to learn or engage a firewall and avoid flame wars

(05:28:02 PM) ***Flare183 whispers to bodhi_zazen: I still want to join.

(05:28:23 PM) bodhi_zazen: Flare183, most new users have no idea how to configure IP Tables, that is the problem

(05:28:27 PM) bodhi_zazen: lol

(05:28:28 PM) ***y_lee Flare183 don't sweat it you will join Smile :)

(05:28:29 PM) Flare183: bodhi_zazen: ok

(05:28:35 PM) Flare183: y_lee: ok

(05:28:54 PM) y_lee: documentation on IP Tables is easy to find

(05:29:05 PM) y_lee: I looked thru it when i first installed Ubuntu

(05:29:06 PM) bodhi_zazen: Also I was considering a how-to on app-armour

(05:29:08 PM) Maddeth: google ftw

(05:29:24 PM) bodhi_zazen: In addition to UFW/apparmour ,,,

(05:29:44 PM) spiderbatdad: too bad chrooting gets so tricky

(05:29:48 PM) bodhi_zazen: If ANYONE has ANY suggestions for my Security page, please pass them on Smile :)

(05:30:04 PM) speeddemon8803: or any questions at all....speak up

(05:30:12 PM) bodhi_zazen: +1

(05:30:12 PM) speeddemon8803: or be forever confused

(05:30:20 PM) speeddemon8803: Big Grin :)

(05:30:25 PM) spiderbatdad: o/ question

(05:30:33 PM) bodhi_zazen: We can discuss the merits of firewalls at another time

(05:30:33 PM) ***y_lee is always confused

(05:30:40 PM) vor-ubuntu: bodhi_zazen: I didn't notice anything about stealthing your ports in your security guide. Sad :(

(05:30:48 PM) bodhi_zazen: go spiderbatdad Smile :)

(05:30:55 PM) spiderbatdad: does hosting files owned by an unprivileged user actual help with security

(05:30:58 PM) alexandremrj: ok, guys, i have to go, sorry, i will read the logs tomorrow

(05:31:01 PM) alexandremrj: bye

(05:31:11 PM) bodhi_zazen: vor-ubuntu, Stealthing ports is not security, lol

(05:31:12 PM) Rocket2DMn: spiderbatdad, only if the hosting program is run by that user

(05:31:18 PM) spiderbatdad: my apache html and index files for example

(05:31:24 PM) vor-ubuntu: bodhi_zazen: Wink ;)

(05:31:28 PM) alexandremrj left the room (quit: "Going out").

(05:31:31 PM) spiderbatdad: Rocket2DMn ty

(05:31:39 PM) Rocket2DMn: spiderbatdad, you would want apache to run under that limited user

(05:31:53 PM) Maddeth: stealthing makes no difference, they can still be picked up

(05:31:56 PM) spiderbatdad: ok I know how to do that

(05:32:06 PM) Rocket2DMn: moving on with the meeting?

(05:32:09 PM) spiderbatdad: no shell for the user

(05:32:11 PM) bodhi_zazen: yes

(05:32:13 PM) speeddemon8803: +1 Rocket2DMn

(05:32:30 PM) vor-ubuntu: Maddeth: It's funnier when I mention port stealthing and tronyx is around. His head explodes.

(05:32:32 PM) bodhi_zazen: Questions re: security Focus team ?

(05:32:34 PM) ***Maddeth thinks Rocket2DMn needs a poo

(05:32:41 PM) speeddemon8803: none bodhi_zazen

(05:33:01 PM) st33med: none besides ufw that I will hold until later

(05:33:03 PM) bodhi_zazen: We can discuss security issues later, ##beginners-classroom ???

(05:33:06 PM) Maddeth: lol vor-ubuntu i bet it does

(05:33:13 PM) st33med: sure bodhi_zazen

(05:33:16 PM) speeddemon8803: bodhi_zazen, +1

(05:33:18 PM) bodhi_zazen: Next :


(05:33:30 PM) bodhi_zazen:

(05:33:35 PM) bodhi_zazen: #NEXT

(05:33:37 PM) st33med: MC HAMMER v(-.-)v

(05:33:37 PM) bodhi_zazen:

(05:34:02 PM) st33med: BOTS

Agenda Items

(05:34:10 PM) bodhi_zazen: We can move to the agenda items listed : https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Beginners/BTMeetings

(05:34:16 PM) chanlog: Title: Beginners Team Meetings - Community Ubuntu Documentation (at help.ubuntu.com)


(05:34:30 PM) bodhi_zazen: #1 = Mentoring

(05:34:31 PM) st33med: oh

(05:34:39 PM) st33med: I want to

(05:34:42 PM) Joeb454: bodhi_zazen, I think moving to the agenda is a good idea

(05:34:45 PM) st33med: mentor for python

(05:34:52 PM) bodhi_zazen: Looks like mentoring will be popular

(05:35:00 PM) speeddemon8803: yeah Smile :)

(05:35:00 PM) Rocket2DMn: see - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Beginners/Team/FocusGroups/Education

(05:35:02 PM) Joeb454: I'll try mentoring if there's a topic for it

(05:35:04 PM) chanlog: Title: Education Focus Group - Community Ubuntu Documentation (at help.ubuntu.com)

(05:35:06 PM) bodhi_zazen: we set up ##beginners-classroom which should work well for us

(05:35:06 PM) speeddemon8803: ill help with it too bodhi.

(05:35:29 PM) st33med: Though I need to write a vague tutorial

(05:35:32 PM) bodhi_zazen: I think the next step is to set times

(05:35:34 PM) st33med: planning and such

(05:35:45 PM) bodhi_zazen: For each topic we should have 2 times

(05:35:54 PM) speeddemon8803: yeah

(05:36:06 PM) bodhi_zazen: One for the Americas and a second for the other side of the world

(05:36:13 PM) st33med: Can I be first mentor Big Grin :)

(05:36:17 PM) st33med: to go?

(05:36:26 PM) speeddemon8803: GMT Smile :)

(05:36:44 PM) bodhi_zazen: Next, select a topic and mentor -> off we go Smile :)

(05:36:46 PM) y_lee: set times is a good idea I would like to sit on some of those

(05:36:57 PM) vor-ubuntu: bodhi_zazen: The education stuff is interesting but, I'm slightly confused by it. Is the idea to create a tutorial and then be available at certain times to answer questions or to create the tutorial on the fly in the IRC channel?

(05:36:58 PM) y_lee: sit in i meant

(05:37:00 PM) Rocket2DMn: looks like paultag heads up the education team, i think its up to him who does what when and in what order. however, deciding on a universal time sounds good

(05:37:01 PM) st33med: bodhi_zazen, Americas on a weekday, rest on weekend\holiday

(05:37:01 PM) ***Joeb454 guesses if he mentors it'll be "the rest of the world" time

(05:37:13 PM) bodhi_zazen: How about if we set a goal of establishing times over the next month ?

(05:37:23 PM) st33med: sure...

(05:37:24 PM) st33med: uh

(05:37:31 PM) speeddemon8803: sure bodhi

(05:37:36 PM) Maddeth: brb tucking bonny in

(05:37:37 PM) st33med: I am not sure WHEN I will be able to though

(05:37:38 PM) bodhi_zazen: Mentors prep topics

(05:38:07 PM) ***speeddemon8803 is typing some stuff as we speak (concerning topics maybe)

(05:38:12 PM) Rocket2DMn: sounds good, have paultag decide on the order i guess, and we can agree on a time over the next month

(05:38:18 PM) bodhi_zazen: vor-ubuntu, I think the format is up to mentors

(05:38:47 PM) bodhi_zazen: I like the idea of asking the mentors to post a "handout" outline

(05:39:08 PM) Rocket2DMn: that sounds good, we can do a handout and a log

(05:39:09 PM) vor-ubuntu: That seems reasonable

(05:39:10 PM) Joeb454: thing is, a lot of you are in the US - and then there's a few of us in Europe, and AJ is in Aus

(05:39:20 PM) bodhi_zazen: The "students" then read outline -> show up at irc of Q & A

(05:39:23 PM) bodhi_zazen: *for

(05:39:26 PM) ***Flare183 thinks that the beginners team needs to have there own part of the Ubuntu Forums

(05:39:33 PM) Joeb454: Flare183, we have

(05:39:36 PM) speeddemon8803: flare, we do

(05:39:36 PM) bodhi_zazen: Flare183, we do

(05:39:44 PM) Joeb454: Flare183, http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=215

(05:39:45 PM) bodhi_zazen: run Flare183 run

(05:39:46 PM) Flare183: oh

(05:39:47 PM) vor-ubuntu: Yeah, that seems reasonable, bodhi_zazen.

(05:39:48 PM) chanlog: Title: Beginner Team - Ubuntu Forums (at ubuntuforums.org)

(05:39:49 PM) Flare183: ok

(05:39:55 PM) y_lee: lol

(05:40:07 PM) Flare183: sry

(05:40:09 PM) bodhi_zazen: I do not mind hosting tutorials

(05:40:26 PM) Rocket2DMn: we can put them on the wiki, too, under the Education pages

(05:40:31 PM) bodhi_zazen: As you may know, I set up a domain and can have space for them

(05:40:34 PM) bodhi_zazen: wiki works too

(05:40:50 PM) Flare183: I already have a domain

(05:40:52 PM) Joeb454: bodhi_zazen, I can mirror (so long as server is up)

(05:40:52 PM) bodhi_zazen: If I host them they can be downloaded

(05:41:00 PM) speeddemon8803: my website (when i get one...) will have a few tutorials, ill probably post it on the wiki as a alternate source of info.

(05:41:01 PM) bodhi_zazen: *(we)

(05:41:04 PM) Rocket2DMn: whatever works best, if they are on the wiki they need to be formatted so, but if we put them on bodhi_zazen 's area, we can just link to the pdf or whatever

(05:41:17 PM) Flare183: If the team needs part of it then I can compromise

(05:41:32 PM) bodhi_zazen: OK, lets continue to discuss / establish mentoring

(05:41:54 PM) bodhi_zazen: I envisioned mentoring as a way of helping each other

(05:42:12 PM) ***bodhi_zazen is working on this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=800138

(05:42:16 PM) chanlog: Title: FAQ: Web Development in Ubuntu - Ubuntu Forums (at ubuntuforums.org)

(05:42:19 PM) bodhi_zazen: reading that is, lol

(05:42:35 PM) Joeb454: bodhi_zazen, if you want I can code a html page

(05:42:44 PM) bodhi_zazen: Smile :)

(05:42:48 PM) Rocket2DMn: cool, that looks like a hidden jewel of the forums

(05:42:56 PM) Joeb454: it'll give me something to do, and I'll update the links to pdf's/documents as mentoring goes along?

(05:42:59 PM) speeddemon8803: we are all pretty good with html if i remember right huh guys?

(05:43:05 PM) ***bodhi_zazen is king of hidden jewels on forums

(05:43:14 PM) ***Joeb454 just needs something to do - not got Uni til October

(05:43:17 PM) speeddemon8803: bodhi, you never seem to NOT amaze me dude.

(05:43:33 PM) bodhi_zazen: :redface:

(05:43:46 PM) Rocket2DMn: we might like to organize a collection of the best howtos and guides on the forums

(05:43:48 PM) ***y_lee thinks html and css is simple

(05:43:49 PM) ***Flare183 laughs

(05:43:55 PM) bodhi_zazen: Any questions re: Mentoring ?

(05:43:58 PM) speeddemon8803: rocket +1

(05:44:05 PM) Flare183: nope

(05:44:10 PM) speeddemon8803: none here

(05:44:16 PM) bodhi_zazen: Rocket2DMn, that has been attempted in the past

(05:44:21 PM) bodhi_zazen: It was the UDSF

(05:44:26 PM) Joeb454: Rocket2DMn, tutorials and tips section

(05:44:28 PM) Rocket2DMn: i know, the keyword is attempted, but UDSF is dead

(05:44:33 PM) Joeb454: no Q's over here

(05:44:35 PM) speeddemon8803: bodhi, i might reincarnate that Smile :)

(05:44:44 PM) speeddemon8803: ive said it before...its gonna happen! Smile :)

(05:44:54 PM) bodhi_zazen: IMO we should move forums gems --> Ubuntu Wiki gems

(05:45:06 PM) bodhi_zazen: OK,

(05:45:08 PM) Rocket2DMn: let's table that for the next meeting bodhi_zazen

(05:45:09 PM) bodhi_zazen: Next :

(05:45:15 PM) Joeb454: #############################

Team Avatar

(05:45:16 PM) bodhi_zazen: +1 Rocket2DMn

(05:45:28 PM) PrivateVoid: hey superbenny you here?

(05:45:38 PM) bodhi_zazen: Team Avatar

(05:45:46 PM) bodhi_zazen: Any interest ?

(05:45:52 PM) speeddemon8803: bodhi_zazen, +1

(05:45:59 PM) PrivateVoid: I am still trying to make a team avatar theme

(05:46:00 PM) speeddemon8803: i am, im tired of mine :/

(05:46:01 PM) Joeb454: bodhi_zazen, I've still got the heron overdrank made for me

(05:46:05 PM) Flare183: bodhi_zazen: Tux with a Ubuntu Symbol below it

(05:46:15 PM) PrivateVoid: I will have time to try this weekend bodhi_zazen

(05:46:15 PM) Flare183: or next to it

(05:46:16 PM) bodhi_zazen: The heron is a nice one Smile :)

(05:46:17 PM) Rocket2DMn: im still using one overdrank made for Hardy

(05:46:44 PM) bodhi_zazen: I got an animated avatar I am fond of at the moment, LOL

(05:46:47 PM) y_lee: I am using the heron i stole offa bodhi

(05:46:49 PM) spiderbatdad: Change it with each new release?

(05:46:54 PM) Joeb454: bodhi_zazen, I'm thinking of asking O.D to make me a heron/ibex avatar Wink ;)

(05:47:01 PM) overdrank: look great bodhi_zazen

(05:47:03 PM) Joeb454: because I'm testing 8.10 in a VM

(05:47:11 PM) vor-ubuntu: It will have to be something that allows for the incorporation of other images into the avatar. Everytime I change my avatar away from the San Lorenzo crest, they start losing...

(05:47:17 PM) ***Flare183 is using 8.10

(05:47:25 PM) Joeb454: bodhi_zazen, is it only staff that can have animated avatars?

(05:47:30 PM) bodhi_zazen: We should submit ideas / examples of a team avatar to a wiki page

(05:47:31 PM) speeddemon8803: joe, correct

(05:47:46 PM) speeddemon8803: joe, as far as i know anyways

(05:47:46 PM) bodhi_zazen: Joeb454, yes, and a few others, not sure of the list

(05:47:46 PM) PrivateVoid: vor-ubuntu, my ideas was to make a 'theme' for the team and it would be in parts so people could tweak it

(05:47:49 PM) Rocket2DMn: bodhi_zazen, that might be easier to organize on the forums

(05:48:09 PM) bodhi_zazen: I have a thread on the forums no-one is using , LOL

(05:48:09 PM) Joeb454: yeah

(05:48:13 PM) Joeb454: what thread?

(05:48:14 PM) vor-ubuntu: PrivateVoid: I agree. As long as I can incorporate the San Lorenzo crest.

(05:48:30 PM) Rocket2DMn: its easier to use the forums than the wiki, esp. with attachments and whatnot

(05:48:35 PM) PrivateVoid: that would be my idea -- that way everyone can be 'personal' but still identified as part of the team

(05:48:37 PM) bodhi_zazen: sec

(05:49:06 PM) PrivateVoid: I just suck at gimp... so learning that is taking time

(05:49:21 PM) PrivateVoid: if I poached over to Windows and used my Corel I could have the thing done in an hour

(05:49:27 PM) bodhi_zazen: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=786320

(05:49:31 PM) chanlog: Title: Team Avatar Theme - Ubuntu Forums (at ubuntuforums.org)

(05:50:07 PM) overdrank: give me some Ideas and I will work on some more things

(05:50:26 PM) Joeb454: overdrank, heron vs ibex Wink ;)

(05:50:34 PM) bodhi_zazen: My thought would be to provide a theme and let members "roll their own"

(05:50:42 PM) vor-ubuntu: Joeb454: I think the ibex would win.

(05:50:44 PM) Joeb454: lol

(05:50:45 PM) bodhi_zazen: Interested members could gimp for others

(05:50:50 PM) Rocket2DMn: the problem is most of us are not very good with the gimp

(05:50:53 PM) ***Joeb454 sucks at gimp

(05:51:00 PM) speeddemon8803: bodhi_zazen, sure

(05:51:01 PM) ***Joeb454 also notes how wrong that's gonna look in the logs

(05:51:05 PM) spiderbatdad: dr small would apparently add his face to any avatar

(05:51:07 PM) st33med: what will the ibex bird look like...

(05:51:10 PM) PrivateVoid: I will use my wife's computer and whip up a theme tonight bodhi_zazen

(05:51:18 PM) bodhi_zazen: Smile :)

(05:51:19 PM) vor-ubuntu: Joeb454: Hahaha

(05:51:23 PM) Rocket2DMn: lol st33med , wth?

(05:51:26 PM) bodhi_zazen: Lets see what we can come up with

(05:51:28 PM) st33med: Big Grin :)

(05:51:44 PM) Joeb454: Rocket2DMn, I said heron vs ibex therefore ibex bird

(05:51:49 PM) PrivateVoid: 90x90 and 80x80 right?

(05:51:54 PM) bodhi_zazen: Also, never feel "guilty" for using windows applications as you are transitioning to Linux

(05:52:00 PM) bodhi_zazen: It is called learning, LOL

(05:52:19 PM) PrivateVoid: 90x90...

(05:52:19 PM) Flare183: wow

(05:52:20 PM) Joeb454: PrivateVoid, avatars are 80x80 I think, and profile pics are 90x90

(05:52:20 PM) bodhi_zazen: As you transition to Linux you will use the windows tools less and less

(05:52:25 PM) ***y_lee don't believe in guilt lol

(05:52:29 PM) PrivateVoid: yeah I know learning, but...

(05:52:40 PM) speeddemon8803: bodhi_zazen agreed

(05:52:41 PM) ***Joeb454 hasn't used windows for ages, except earlier when my dad wanted to check for songs on iTunes...I hated it

(05:52:52 PM) vor-ubuntu: Windows?

(05:53:05 PM) speeddemon8803: vor-ubunt "windows? whazzat?"

(05:53:06 PM) speeddemon8803: Smile :)

(05:53:07 PM) ***Flare183 knows windows sucks a**

(05:53:10 PM) Flare183: lol

(05:53:13 PM) Joeb454: vor-ubuntu, that's the one

(05:53:15 PM) Rocket2DMn: ok ok, save the windows bashing for later

(05:53:18 PM) superbenny: oh, privatevoid

(05:53:22 PM) st33med: winwazawha

(05:53:24 PM) st33med: ??

(05:53:28 PM) speeddemon8803: MOVING ON

(05:53:31 PM) st33med: NO

(05:53:36 PM) bodhi_zazen: Windows is an ancient african word for "It came installed on my computer and I just don't know any better"

(05:53:37 PM) st33med: I REFUSE

(05:53:42 PM) superbenny: you sent the private link to that list

(05:53:43 PM) st33med: :P

(05:53:46 PM) Flare183: lol

(05:53:47 PM) bodhi_zazen: Next :

(05:53:50 PM) vor-ubuntu: bodhi_zazen: Haha

(05:53:57 PM) speeddemon8803: haha bodhi!!!!

(05:53:57 PM) Flare183: lmao

(05:54:05 PM) st33med: NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO N-

(05:54:13 PM) st33med: Big Grin :)

(05:54:14 PM) speeddemon8803: st33med, shush damnit! Smile :)


(05:54:29 PM) bodhi_zazen: Recruitment

(05:54:31 PM) Flare183: !language | speeddemon8803 (hehe sorry habit)

(05:54:32 PM) ubot3: speeddemon8803 (hehe sorry habit): Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.

(05:54:44 PM) speeddemon8803: haha flare i havent had that in a long time Wink ;)

(05:54:46 PM) overdrank: how many current members

(05:54:48 PM) ***Flare183 listens

(05:54:56 PM) st33med: 100+?

(05:54:59 PM) st33med: Big Grin :)

(05:55:14 PM) speeddemon8803: its a bunch overdrank we have like hardy a third in here i think.

(05:55:16 PM) overdrank: big forum could always use more

(05:55:18 PM) bodhi_zazen: current members are listed on the forums : http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=469546

(05:55:19 PM) Rocket2DMn: who knows how many members we have, i was gonna table cleaning shop for the next meeting

(05:55:21 PM) chanlog: Title: Beginner Team Members - Ubuntu Forums (at ubuntuforums.org)

(05:55:33 PM) bodhi_zazen: You can also get a listing :

(05:55:48 PM) Joeb454: bodhi_zazen, is that an up-to-date list?

(05:55:53 PM) bodhi_zazen: /cs access #ubuntuforums-beginners list

(05:56:10 PM) ***Joeb454 notes that tinivole and Maddeth aren't yet joined, nor Monicker...

(05:56:10 PM) speeddemon8803: joe, the cs access command is the most up to date Wink ;)

(05:56:10 PM) bodhi_zazen: with that command

(05:56:19 PM) ***y_lee didn't know the cs thing cool Smile :)

(05:56:33 PM) bodhi_zazen: /cs == /msg channserv

(05:56:37 PM) Flare183: wow

(05:56:39 PM) bodhi_zazen: does not work on all clients

(05:56:43 PM) Flare183: 79 memebers

(05:56:46 PM) Flare183: members(

(05:56:47 PM) speeddemon8803: bodhi_zazen, true

(05:56:49 PM) bodhi_zazen: /ns = nick

(05:56:50 PM) Flare183: members*

(05:57:02 PM) ***Joeb454 proposes we reconsider some members, e.g. nikoPSK

(05:57:04 PM) bodhi_zazen: /ms = MemoServ

(05:57:08 PM) speeddemon8803: /ms /memoser...yeah

(05:57:27 PM) vor-ubuntu: I agree, Joeb454. That Joeb454 guy too...

(05:57:36 PM) ***Flare183 waits until he has the chance to join

(05:57:38 PM) bodhi_zazen: OK, I would like to formalize an application porcess

(05:57:40 PM) ***st33med proposes to beat up Joeb454

(05:57:41 PM) st33med: Big Grin :)

(05:57:52 PM) Joeb454: yeah he should never have got on the team, though st33med is worse, he doesn't even use Linux

(05:57:58 PM) bodhi_zazen: I think new applicants should :

(05:57:59 PM) st33med: ROFL

(05:58:18 PM) Flare183: ?????

(05:58:24 PM) bodhi_zazen: 1. Post their intent somewhere ?

(05:58:29 PM) bodhi_zazen: wiki / forums ?

(05:58:31 PM) Flare183: Done that

(05:58:32 PM) Rocket2DMn: forums

(05:58:35 PM) superbenny: forums

(05:58:41 PM) bodhi_zazen: with a like to a wiki page

(05:58:45 PM) speeddemon8803: wiki..sorry had to :P

(05:59:01 PM) speeddemon8803: bodhi_zazen, yeah

(05:59:03 PM) Rocket2DMn: the last thing i need is newbs screwin with the wiki Smile :)

(05:59:14 PM) Flare183: Rocket2DMn: true

(05:59:15 PM) Joeb454: lol

(05:59:19 PM) overdrank: like me

(05:59:20 PM) speeddemon8803: Rocket2DMn, you'll get over it! Smile :)

(05:59:21 PM) Flare183: no offensive

(05:59:26 PM) bodhi_zazen: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bodhi6

(05:59:30 PM) chanlog: Title: Bodhi6 - Ubuntu Wiki (at wiki.ubuntu.com)

(05:59:35 PM) Joeb454: bodhi_zazen, maybe create a sticky on our team forum "why you want to join"

(05:59:37 PM) overdrank: lol been there

(05:59:41 PM) bodhi_zazen: This way we know who they are.

(06:00:01 PM) Rocket2DMn: you want them to make their own wiki pages, is that it/

(06:00:06 PM) #ubuntuforums-beginners: mode (+v ajmorris ) by ChanServ

(06:00:09 PM) Flare183: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/JesseRichardson

(06:00:17 PM) chanlog: Title: JesseRichardson - Ubuntu Wiki (at wiki.ubuntu.com)

(06:00:21 PM) Flare183: Thats me

(06:00:22 PM) vor-ubuntu: That's not a bad idea, bodhi_zazen: I remember explaining who I was every few hours for the first few days I was on this channel.

(06:00:24 PM) bodhi_zazen: No, they get a wiki page if the register with launchpad or the wiki

(06:00:40 PM) overdrank: alslo launchpad beat by bdhi

(06:00:40 PM) spiderbatdad: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Spiderbatdad

(06:00:42 PM) bodhi_zazen: It is up to them to customize it

(06:00:44 PM) overdrank: bodhi

(06:00:49 PM) chanlog: Title: Spiderbatdad - Ubuntu Wiki (at wiki.ubuntu.com)

(06:00:55 PM) bodhi_zazen: overdrank, ?

(06:00:56 PM) ajmorris: is it meeting time right now?

(06:01:02 PM) bodhi_zazen: ajmorris, yes

(06:01:02 PM) Rocket2DMn: yeah ajmorris

(06:01:04 PM) Joeb454: bodhi_zazen, I see you have support from u-g

(06:01:04 PM) speeddemon8803: aj, your late!!!!!!!!!!

(06:01:05 PM) Flare183: ajmorris: yeap

(06:01:07 PM) Flare183: wow

(06:01:10 PM) ajmorris: chill speeddemon8803 :P

(06:01:11 PM) Rocket2DMn: #### ONE HOUR MARK ####

(06:01:18 PM) bodhi_zazen: Thanks Joeb454 Smile :)

(06:01:21 PM) Flare183: Rocket2DMn: thats soo true

(06:01:23 PM) Joeb454: Smile :)

(06:01:51 PM) bodhi_zazen: OK, I think the forums is messy for applicants

(06:01:54 PM) speeddemon8803: wow, we've been at it for an hour already? lol (im having fun so it doesnt feel like it)

(06:02:02 PM) bodhi_zazen: Too chaotic and too hard to find specific applicants

(06:02:20 PM) speeddemon8803: bodhi, agreed

(06:02:24 PM) bodhi_zazen: We then need a beginner padwa page

(06:02:29 PM) bodhi_zazen: a checklist

(06:02:37 PM) ajmorris: hope someone is logging the meeting this time Wink ;)

(06:02:41 PM) Rocket2DMn: i think its cool if new team members have their own entry on wiki.ubuntu.com

(06:02:44 PM) speeddemon8803: aj, we are Smile :)

(06:02:44 PM) Flare183: bodhi_zazen: Well make a form on the wiki and then let them copy and paste it to the forums and then fill it out

(06:02:46 PM) bodhi_zazen: first on list = wiki / launchpad home page

(06:03:05 PM) bodhi_zazen: Second = Come to irc an meet team

(06:03:15 PM) vor-ubuntu: Rocket2DMn: The other option would be to encourage people to flesh out their UF profile.

(06:03:22 PM) Joeb454: 2nd = scariest part Wink ;)

(06:03:24 PM) speeddemon8803: Third = The fun part (quiz)

(06:03:39 PM) bodhi_zazen: I would like to see people have a committment to our community

(06:03:44 PM) Flare183: applying now on LP

(06:03:45 PM) bodhi_zazen: not just join and leave

(06:03:45 PM) superbenny: i completely failed the quiz

(06:03:59 PM) Flare183: I want to take the quiz

(06:04:00 PM) vor-ubuntu: In fact, just having someone flesh out their UF profile might be the best idea.

(06:04:09 PM) bodhi_zazen: Also I would like to know the "fit in" with the team

(06:04:11 PM) superbenny: bodhi asked me 3 package managers...i said kpackage, adept and idk

(06:04:15 PM) vor-ubuntu: It's easy and everyone knows where to look.

(06:04:20 PM) overdrank: I hate to say but the post count may help

(06:04:22 PM) bodhi_zazen: I do not like asking members to leave

(06:04:34 PM) bodhi_zazen: It is hard and often there has been a disruption

(06:04:36 PM) overdrank: so they show interest and are staying with ubuntu

(06:04:38 PM) Flare183: bodhi_zazen: I've done that before

(06:04:41 PM) Rocket2DMn: bodhi_zazen, why don't you lay out under How to Contribute .... exactly what applicants need to do - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Beginners/Team

(06:04:42 PM) Flare183: chaos

(06:04:45 PM) chanlog: Title: Beginners/Team - Community Ubuntu Documentation (at help.ubuntu.com)

(06:04:45 PM) Flare183: really

(06:04:55 PM) bodhi_zazen: +1 Rocket2DMn

(06:04:57 PM) Joeb454: +1 overdrank, if the member has < 50 posts/has joined in last month, it should be considered very careful

(06:05:00 PM) Rocket2DMn: im rewordking that page, but you should all what you want there, then you can link users to it

(06:05:00 PM) Joeb454: carefully*

(06:05:08 PM) bodhi_zazen: I want to discuss "the plan" with the team first is all

(06:05:12 PM) speeddemon8803: +1 joe

(06:05:33 PM) bodhi_zazen: Third is the quiz

(06:05:49 PM) Joeb454: but you can see commitment that way, I think that stacey is are least knowledgeable member...

(06:05:50 PM) Flare183: Where is the quiz at?

(06:05:54 PM) Joeb454: Flare183, here

(06:05:56 PM) Rocket2DMn: cool, i wont touch that page until you've put up your stuff bodhi_zazen

(06:05:59 PM) Flare183: let me take it

(06:06:05 PM) Joeb454: not right now - meeting time

(06:06:06 PM) speeddemon8803: Flare183, here, its not written anywhere Smile :)

(06:06:10 PM) Flare183: oh

(06:06:12 PM) Joeb454: :P

(06:06:16 PM) Flare183: XD

(06:06:16 PM) bodhi_zazen: #4 is padwa are nominated for membersip and add themselves to the Agenda to be acknowledged

(06:06:23 PM) speeddemon8803: flare, i told ya before, patience my child..wait till after meeting.

(06:06:28 PM) Flare183: sorry

(06:06:33 PM) Joeb454: bodhi_zazen, you mean a little like the Ubuntu Membership works currently?

(06:06:33 PM) bodhi_zazen: Rocket2DMn, you can do all you like

(06:06:36 PM) ***Flare183 has patience

(06:06:38 PM) Joeb454: and Flare183 no worroes

(06:06:39 PM) bodhi_zazen: I will add to it later

(06:06:41 PM) Joeb454: worries*

(06:06:46 PM) bodhi_zazen: Joeb454, yes

(06:06:47 PM) Rocket2DMn: i'll let you add your criteria bodhi_zazen , this is your show

(06:06:50 PM) ***Flare183 tapes his mouth shut

(06:06:54 PM) Joeb454: sounds good to me actually bodhi Smile :)

(06:06:57 PM) speeddemon8803: ok, what the hecks a padwa?

(06:07:00 PM) bodhi_zazen: not a formal, no GPG code of conduct stuff

(06:07:24 PM) overdrank: beginners code?

(06:07:26 PM) overdrank: maybe

(06:07:39 PM) PrivateVoid: posted a potential avatar theme in the thread

(06:07:46 PM) spiderbatdad: padwa leaner=jedi in training

(06:07:52 PM) bodhi_zazen: Padwa = Jedi in training

(06:07:54 PM) speeddemon8803: ah! DOH! Smile :)

(06:08:05 PM) Rocket2DMn: actually its padawan

(06:08:08 PM) bodhi_zazen: Rocket2DMn, lol

(06:08:09 PM) ***Rocket2DMn is a geek

(06:08:14 PM) bodhi_zazen: No, no it is our show

(06:08:15 PM) ***speeddemon8803 is still a padawan :/

(06:08:20 PM) Joeb454: Rocket2DMn, if you hadn't corrected it, I would've

(06:08:29 PM) PrivateVoid: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=786320 -- its an attachement jpg -- tell me what you think?

(06:08:30 PM) bodhi_zazen: everyone's input is appreciated

(06:08:41 PM) chanlog: Title: Team Avatar Theme - Ubuntu Forums (at ubuntuforums.org)

(06:08:45 PM) bodhi_zazen: Otherwise I would just write it up and be done with it, lol

(06:08:49 PM) Joeb454: PrivateVoid, it == Teh suck

(06:08:53 PM) Joeb454: j/k I've not looked yet

(06:08:56 PM) bodhi_zazen: I wanted to run it by the team

(06:09:00 PM) Rocket2DMn: well thanks for runnin git by us

(06:09:06 PM) st33med: HONK

(06:09:07 PM) overdrank: nice PrivateVoid

(06:09:21 PM) Joeb454: yeah pretty good actually

(06:09:23 PM) bodhi_zazen: I think the team has matured to the point where the application process should be a little more formal

(06:09:24 PM) vor-ubuntu: PrivateVoid: I like that actually

(06:09:36 PM) Joeb454: bodhi_zazen, +1

(06:09:37 PM) speeddemon8803: bodhi_zazen, yeah agreed

(06:09:39 PM) Rocket2DMn: nice PrivateVoid

(06:09:43 PM) st33med: +1

(06:09:47 PM) PrivateVoid: I did it quickly

(06:09:52 PM) st33med: +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++1

(06:09:53 PM) speeddemon8803: PrivateVoid, nice one dude.

(06:09:56 PM) Rocket2DMn: PrivateVoid, work on some other alternatives, those are great

(06:10:18 PM) PrivateVoid: yeah... I will... want to alter the colors and such...

(06:10:26 PM) PrivateVoid: I can do good stuff when I have a program I am used too

(06:10:30 PM) superbenny: very nice privatevoid

(06:10:41 PM) PrivateVoid: I have used Corel for 10 years or so now...

(06:10:57 PM) st33med: I would like that, just place that image over the avatar we have now

(06:11:09 PM) bodhi_zazen: OK,

(06:11:12 PM) superbenny: i use photoshop...dual-boot ftl, but photoshop ftw

(06:11:20 PM) speeddemon8803: NEXT

(06:11:23 PM) st33med: Then everyone knows we are bt and we can keep our theme

(06:11:27 PM) bodhi_zazen: any questions / comments re padwan ?

(06:11:28 PM) PrivateVoid: yep

(06:11:28 PM) st33med: *avatar

(06:11:29 PM) ***ajmorris takes PrivateVoid's image and sets it as his avatar Smile :)

(06:11:34 PM) st33med: DIBS

(06:11:34 PM) PrivateVoid: that was the idea

(06:11:37 PM) Rocket2DMn: padawan

(06:11:45 PM) PrivateVoid: and I can even make avatars with that theme for people

(06:11:47 PM) Joeb454: lol Rocket2DMn

(06:11:51 PM) Rocket2DMn: =D

(06:11:53 PM) vor-ubuntu: Haha

(06:11:54 PM) PrivateVoid: I made Larozza's

(06:12:14 PM) PrivateVoid: and CptPicard's

(06:12:15 PM) speeddemon8803: PrivateVoid, if we have official ubuntu and linux user numbers, can we try to attempt to add them to it?

(06:12:22 PM) PrivateVoid: sure...

(06:12:24 PM) ***y_lee2130 lost Internet connection briefly Sad :(

(06:12:34 PM) PrivateVoid: we can got that... but some of those numbers are rather large...

(06:12:36 PM) bodhi_zazen: OK

(06:12:41 PM) PrivateVoid: and might cover up the other stuff

(06:12:45 PM) bodhi_zazen: lets get through the agenda, lol

(06:12:50 PM) bodhi_zazen: sorry the meeting is so long

(06:12:50 PM) speeddemon8803: PrivateVoid, yeah true

(06:12:51 PM) superbenny: hery privatevoid, any chance you can upload a png with tranparency somewhere...make it easier to put our avatar under it

(06:12:53 PM) Rocket2DMn: +1 this meeting is too long

(06:12:55 PM) Joeb454: and bodhi_zazen none here - but I give full support to the formalising of the applications for new member (I'd give exceptions to tinivole & Monicker (and maybe Maddeth))

(06:13:05 PM) y_lee2130 left the room (quit: Client Quit).

(06:13:06 PM) speeddemon8803: +1 end it damnit :P j/k

(06:13:21 PM) bodhi_zazen: ===============================

BOTS (that suck)

(06:13:22 PM) superbenny: +1 i concur

(06:13:24 PM) bodhi_zazen: BOTS

(06:13:28 PM) Rocket2DMn: suck

(06:13:31 PM) bodhi_zazen: BOTS BOTS BOTS

(06:13:33 PM) overdrank: +1

(06:13:35 PM) speeddemon8803: a......greed

(06:13:41 PM) bodhi_zazen: There are too many bots in this channel

(06:14:01 PM) Rocket2DMn: i say no more bots ever except chanlog and ubotu

(06:14:02 PM) bodhi_zazen: I think we should allow only one

(06:14:02 PM) superbenny: vor...that means you lol

(06:14:09 PM) spiderbatdad: who has permission to have a bot here?

(06:14:18 PM) bodhi_zazen: ubot3 FTW

(06:14:20 PM) ubot3: Factoid ftw not found

(06:14:22 PM) bodhi_zazen: thanks nalioth

(06:14:25 PM) superbenny: haha

(06:14:26 PM) Joeb454: lol

(06:14:27 PM) Rocket2DMn: even ubot3 is questionable

(06:14:46 PM) bodhi_zazen: IF we want to allow additional bots, it should be by team consensus

(06:14:51 PM) Joeb454: bodhi_zazen, I stumbled across #bots the other day

(06:15:05 PM) Joeb454: and I actually think vor-bot may be useful, as he find wikipedia info

(06:15:05 PM) bodhi_zazen: Anyone, other then bot owners, want to nominate additinal bots in this channel ?

(06:15:07 PM) spiderbatdad: so give permission to different owners on a weekly basis

(06:15:11 PM) Joeb454:

(06:15:16 PM) overdrank: ubot

(06:15:17 PM) vor-ubuntu: I'm happy to take vor-bot out. He's just a fun toy really.

(06:15:30 PM) Rocket2DMn: all the bots are just toys, really

(06:15:34 PM) PrivateVoid: yes -- do people want it saved as a png and/or photoshop file?

(06:15:36 PM) bodhi_zazen: Rotate in a bot a week ?

(06:15:48 PM) spiderbatdad: 89% of the time, this is a channel of inactivity

(06:15:48 PM) Rocket2DMn: bodhi_zazen, to what end?

(06:15:52 PM) bodhi_zazen: PrivateVoid, png

(06:16:03 PM) PrivateVoid: ok... going over there to save and upload

(06:16:09 PM) Joeb454: as an IRC co-lead (it's up to ajmorris to agree here) - I'd say if you want t play, you can have them in ##beginners-help, but stop using them if an unkown comes in

(06:16:09 PM) speeddemon8803: I say as long as their not counterproductive and overly used in a non supportive way of the team......their fine....just...a lot of bots at one time is like...whoa heh.

(06:16:22 PM) bodhi_zazen: +1 Joeb454

(06:16:28 PM) bodhi_zazen: that is what I was going to sugges

(06:16:29 PM) #ubuntuforums-beginners: mode (+v paultag ) by ChanServ

(06:16:30 PM) speeddemon8803: +1 Joeb454

(06:16:33 PM) paultag: sorry I am late

(06:16:35 PM) Rocket2DMn: this is our official channel, we shouldnt have bots here

(06:16:38 PM) bodhi_zazen: np paultag

(06:16:39 PM) Joeb454: it clears this channel, and ##beginners-help is still used less than this

(06:16:48 PM) ***speeddemon8803 nods

(06:16:56 PM) spiderbatdad: bots got people paying more attention to each other in here

(06:16:56 PM) bodhi_zazen: OK, vote please

(06:17:00 PM) superbenny: +q Rocket2DMn

(06:17:00 PM) spiderbatdad: as I see it

(06:17:02 PM) superbenny: hello

(06:17:05 PM) superbenny: +1*

(06:17:11 PM) bodhi_zazen: All in favor of bots > ##beginners-classroom

(06:17:12 PM) speeddemon8803: +1

(06:17:15 PM) bodhi_zazen: All in favor of bots > ##beginners-help

(06:17:17 PM) bodhi_zazen: lol

(06:17:22 PM) paultag: heh

(06:17:24 PM) speeddemon8803: +1 still

(06:17:25 PM) paultag: o/

(06:17:25 PM) Joeb454: or ##beginners-help, either/or

(06:17:29 PM) Joeb454: but _1

(06:17:31 PM) Joeb454: +1*

(06:17:36 PM) superbenny: how about ##beginners-BOTS

(06:17:38 PM) superbenny: lol

(06:17:40 PM) paultag: heh

(06:17:41 PM) Rocket2DMn: ehhh, +1 i suppose

(06:17:49 PM) Joeb454: superbenny, involves setting up another channel

(06:17:53 PM) bodhi_zazen: ok,

(06:17:54 PM) superbenny: hence the lol

(06:17:54 PM) Rocket2DMn: id prefer not to have them in any of our channels

(06:17:56 PM) Joeb454: +1 except for recbot and bothi

(06:18:08 PM) overdrank: +1 Rocket2DMn

(06:18:11 PM) st33med: PrivateVoid, how do I put it on top of my avatar in Gimp?

(06:18:14 PM) paultag: Joeb454: heh

(06:18:14 PM) Joeb454: they get on my nerves (sorry paul)

(06:18:25 PM) bodhi_zazen: vote all opposed (that would be -1) to bots > ##beginners-help

(06:18:35 PM) spiderbatdad: -1

(06:18:35 PM) bodhi_zazen: st33med, layers

(06:18:44 PM) spiderbatdad: no bots in beginners-help

(06:18:50 PM) spiderbatdad: that is obnoxious

(06:18:58 PM) vor-ubuntu: I'm going to go -1. Not because I'm opposed to removing vor-bot but, because I don't see the point in moving him to beginners-help.

(06:19:02 PM) Rocket2DMn: can there be a vote for no bot sin any of our channels?

(06:19:04 PM) paultag: brb

(06:19:05 PM) spiderbatdad: "come here for personal help"

(06:19:10 PM) mathay: lol doc rivers, the celtics coach, uses the word ubuntu for team building.

(06:19:12 PM) spiderbatdad: some bot spazzing out

(06:19:14 PM) bodhi_zazen: OK

(06:19:22 PM) bodhi_zazen: No bots in any of our channles ?

(06:19:25 PM) Rocket2DMn: +1

(06:19:27 PM) y_lee2130 [n=ylee@74-34-152-237.br1.blu.wv.frontiernet.net] entered the room.

(06:19:38 PM) Rocket2DMn: oh thats a lonely +1

(06:19:43 PM) bodhi_zazen: yea

(06:19:51 PM) Rocket2DMn: lol i stand overruled

(06:19:54 PM) spiderbatdad: i like bots in this channel

(06:19:59 PM) bodhi_zazen: OK then

(06:20:08 PM) Rocket2DMn: sounds like they are banished to ##Beginners-help

(06:20:16 PM) Rocket2DMn: or classroom

(06:20:17 PM) bodhi_zazen: no bots in this channel except ubot3

(06:20:27 PM) Rocket2DMn: and chanlog?

(06:20:32 PM) superbenny: lol

(06:20:36 PM) bodhi_zazen: bots allowed in ##beginners-classroom or ##beginners-help

(06:20:39 PM) Joeb454: yeah chanlog (he helps prevent rickrolls)

(06:20:45 PM) Joeb454: and bodhi_zazen I'd say ##beginners-classroom actually

(06:20:58 PM) superbenny: yea Joeb

(06:21:00 PM) Rocket2DMn: +1 for classroom, that used solely for us

(06:21:02 PM) Joeb454: because there is nobody in there usually (except...er....bhb)

(06:21:05 PM) superbenny: yep

(06:21:05 PM) Joeb454: Rocket2DMn, exactly

(06:21:10 PM) bodhi_zazen: OK

(06:21:15 PM) bodhi_zazen: ##beginners-classroom

(06:21:17 PM) bodhi_zazen: BUT

(06:21:33 PM) bodhi_zazen: no bots during official mentoring sessions

(06:21:39 PM) speeddemon8803: +1

(06:21:42 PM) spiderbatdad: twice I brought someone to ##beginners-help and steam-bot went berserk, spamming the channel

(06:21:42 PM) Rocket2DMn: +1

(06:21:42 PM) Joeb454: we'll kick them if they're obnoxious too

(06:21:45 PM) spiderbatdad: endlesly

(06:21:52 PM) vor-ubuntu: Hahaha

(06:21:58 PM) superbenny: +1

(06:21:59 PM) paultag: back, sorry guys

(06:22:03 PM) speeddemon8803: +1 joe

(06:22:07 PM) Joeb454: spiderbatdad, just do @help, provided myself, ajmorris or bodhi_zazen are there, he'd get kicked

(06:22:11 PM) PrivateVoid: ok -- images posted in other formats -- pm me with email for .pds or .cpt files which will have the layers

(06:22:44 PM) Rocket2DMn: ok, moving on?

(06:22:51 PM) bodhi_zazen: OK, last item

(06:22:54 PM) bodhi_zazen: ===============

Mission Statement

(06:23:00 PM) bodhi_zazen: Rocket2DMn, you are up ...

(06:23:05 PM) bodhi_zazen: take it

(06:23:10 PM) Rocket2DMn: with respect to the length of this meeting, i propose this for updating our Mission Statement

(06:23:22 PM) y_lee2130 is now known as y_lee

(06:23:25 PM) bodhi_zazen: +1

(06:23:35 PM) bodhi_zazen: I will work on it

(06:23:37 PM) speeddemon8803: +1

(06:23:38 PM) #ubuntuforums-beginners: mode (+v y_lee ) by ChanServ

(06:23:40 PM) Rocket2DMn: I will discuss it with bodhi_zazen , and post some possible updated statements on the forums, and you guys cna approve or disapprove of them

(06:23:51 PM) speeddemon8803: nice

(06:23:59 PM) Rocket2DMn: basically, our statement sucks

(06:24:02 PM) ***y_lee lost internet connection Sad :(

(06:24:06 PM) Joeb454: lol

(06:24:08 PM) speeddemon8803: rocket, sadly i agree :/

(06:24:09 PM) Rocket2DMn: its unclear and somewhat tacky

(06:24:17 PM) Joeb454: I guess it is

(06:24:18 PM) bodhi_zazen: lol Rocket2DMn

(06:24:27 PM) Rocket2DMn: we need a solid purpose, written out for all to see, so we can organize our efforts to meet that goal

(06:24:30 PM) bodhi_zazen: +1, start a thread then

(06:24:30 PM) superbenny: where can the current statement be found?

(06:24:40 PM) Rocket2DMn: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Beginners/MissionStatement

(06:24:43 PM) bodhi_zazen: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Beginners/MissionStatement

(06:24:43 PM) chanlog: Title: Beginners/MissionStatement - Community Ubuntu Documentation (at help.ubuntu.com)

(06:24:51 PM) bodhi_zazen: nice one Rocket2DMn

(06:24:52 PM) Joeb454: Rocket2DMn, I agree with bodhi, start a thread, asking what a few people believe the BT is for?

(06:24:57 PM) Rocket2DMn: that page will be completely redone, i dont like it

(06:25:03 PM) vor-ubuntu: Rocket2DMn: I must have missed something. Unless you proposed that our mission statement becomes: y_lee2130 is now known as y_lee

(06:25:16 PM) bodhi_zazen: Rocket2DMn, it is not hard

(06:25:21 PM) Rocket2DMn: lol wtf vor-ubuntu

(06:25:36 PM) paultag: Rocket2DMn: heh, look above

(06:25:42 PM) Flare183: speeddemon8803: Did i miss it?

(06:25:44 PM) Joeb454: ahaha

(06:25:48 PM) bodhi_zazen: We are a loose community of geeks helping new users transition to Ubuntu

(06:25:54 PM) speeddemon8803: speeddemon8803, miss what?

(06:26:06 PM) Flare183: speeddemon8803: The recruitment

(06:26:09 PM) ***Flare183 can't spell

(06:26:10 PM) bodhi_zazen: Our primary focus is forums, but we also wiki, launchapd, and irc ...

(06:26:14 PM) Rocket2DMn: uhh your irc is messed up

(06:26:16 PM) speeddemon8803: Flare183, nope, its not gonna happen just yet

(06:26:24 PM) speeddemon8803: Rocket2DMn, i see this :/

(06:26:24 PM) vor-ubuntu: Rocket2DMn: Could be.

(06:26:25 PM) Flare183: speeddemon8803: oh ok just checking

(06:26:31 PM) spiderbatdad: some of us are not so geeky

(06:26:33 PM) Rocket2DMn: oic , thats no tmy line, that starts with *

(06:26:43 PM) ***Flare183 is a geeky computer freak

(06:26:56 PM) bodhi_zazen: Anyone who irc == geekis maximus

(06:26:59 PM) ***spiderbatdad <<< mascot

(06:27:08 PM) overdrank: Oh nooooo

(06:27:08 PM) PrivateVoid: I think a redo of the page would not be a bad idea

(06:27:14 PM) Rocket2DMn: "updating our Mission Statement" was the end of my line

(06:27:16 PM) overdrank: me not geek

(06:27:16 PM) Joeb454: bodhi_zazen, I feel that was aimed at myself and ajmorris, as we are IRC co-leads :P

(06:27:29 PM) ajmorris: +1 joe

(06:27:29 PM) ajmorris: :P

(06:27:30 PM) Rocket2DMn: ok, so we'll hammer out a new statement

(06:27:35 PM) Rocket2DMn: that is all.

(06:27:45 PM) PrivateVoid: let me know if you want any assistance with reviewing it or anything

(06:27:51 PM) Rocket2DMn: we

(06:27:56 PM) Rocket2DMn: well be sure to let you all know

(06:27:59 PM) bodhi_zazen: lol Joeb454 , feeling paranoid ?

(06:28:11 PM) bodhi_zazen: there behind you !!!

(06:28:19 PM) Joeb454: AH

(06:28:28 PM) Rocket2DMn: end meeting? its been way too long, im on my 4th beer

(06:28:33 PM) Joeb454: while the meeting is too long

(06:28:34 PM) paultag: bodhi_zazen, classroom quickley? sorry guys

(06:28:35 PM) speeddemon8803: rocket, lmao

(06:28:37 PM) vor-ubuntu: bodhi_zazen: I think that would geekus maximus (I say this knowing full well that it just reinforces the sentiment).

(06:28:38 PM) bodhi_zazen: OK, any other questions / business

(06:28:52 PM) Joeb454: anybody have any q's about the IRC focus of the team?

(06:28:56 PM) ***Joeb454 hopes not Wink ;)

(06:28:57 PM) bodhi_zazen: lets end if formally ....

(06:29:00 PM) superbenny: +1 motion to adjurn

(06:29:01 PM) paultag: bodhi_zazen, classroom quickley?

(06:29:09 PM) superbenny: [sp]

(06:29:10 PM) bodhi_zazen: go paultag

(06:29:13 PM) paultag: ok sorry guys

(06:29:18 PM) bodhi_zazen: np at all

(06:29:21 PM) Rocket2DMn: its ok, go ahead

(06:29:25 PM) Maddeth: no he means litteraly go :p

(06:29:27 PM) paultag: but: we need mentors, and people to go

(06:29:37 PM) paultag: so if you are interested: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Beginners/Team/FocusGroups/Education

(06:29:38 PM) bodhi_zazen: paul we talked about that

(06:29:41 PM) chanlog: Title: Education Focus Group - Community Ubuntu Documentation (at help.ubuntu.com)

(06:29:43 PM) paultag: ok, thanks guys

(06:29:45 PM) paultag: bodhi_zazen: all set

(06:29:46 PM) Rocket2DMn: paultag, we suggested earlier that in th enext month we setup times for meetings, and you decide the order

(06:29:51 PM) bodhi_zazen: we can bring you up to speed after the meeting ?

(06:29:55 PM) paultag: yes

(06:30:19 PM) bodhi_zazen: OK then

(06:30:22 PM) bodhi_zazen: end meeting ?

(06:30:25 PM) Rocket2DMn: +1

(06:30:27 PM) superbenny: +1

(06:30:27 PM) paultag: +1

(06:30:33 PM) bodhi_zazen: ======================

(06:30:33 PM) y_lee: sounds good

(06:30:38 PM) bodhi_zazen: #END========


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