General Agenda Items and Proposals


This means:

  1. If there is an issue for the team, add it to the agenda.
  2. Agenda items then should be discussed "informally" on #ubuntu-beginners. 90 % of the discussion should have taken place before the meeting.
  3. Meetings are primarily for decision making/team votes. Read the agenda and discuss your thoughts before the meeting. 10 % (or less) of the discussion should happen during the meeting.
  4. Agenda items that require more then 5 minutes of discussion may need to be deferred.




Security Focus Group Plans for next year


All matters that are going to be discussed at the meeting that are of significance be sent to the mailing list at least one week prior to the meeting


Moving major decision making from IRC meetings to Launchpad votes

Agenda discussion

I decided to put a few of the items on hold for now, since they are somewhat difficult to implement and would not really be feasible right now.


For later


Trimming the list of members who are no longer active from the active members list to allow for an accurate reflection of who is still a participating team member


Introduction of a mandatory requirement of 2/3 response (positive, negative or abstaining) of all current members.


Suggestion that a full 60 percent of the active members of the UBT be required to vote in *agreement* for any major changes in the team


   1 [22:11] <cprofitt> #startmeeting
   2 [22:11] <MootBot> Meeting started at 16:11. The chair is cprofitt.
   3 [22:11] <MootBot> Commands Available: [TOPIC], [IDEA], [ACTION], [AGREED], [LINK], [VOTE]
   4 [22:11] <cprofitt> welcome to the Beginners team meeting everyone
   5 [22:11] <lukjad007> HEY
   6 [22:11] <lukjad007> Heh
   7 [22:11] <lukjad007> Hi
   8 [22:11] <cjohnston> hello
   9 [22:11] <cprofitt> Easwar are you here?
  10 [22:12] <cprofitt> Seeing as Easwar is not here I will table his topic
  11 [22:13] <cprofitt> [topic] Security Focus Group Plans for Next Year
  12 [22:13] <MootBot> New Topic:  Security Focus Group Plans for Next Year
  13 [22:13] <cprofitt> [link] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BeginnersTeam/FocusGroups/Security
  14 [22:13] <MootBot> LINK received:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BeginnersTeam/FocusGroups/Security
  15 [22:13] <cprofitt> I have recently taken over the FG Team lead for the Security
  16 [22:13] <cprofitt> I want to focus on doing two things
  17 [22:14] <cprofitt> 1.  Cleaning up and adding security pages to the wiki
  18 [22:14] <cprofitt> on the linked page you can see a table towards the bottom
  19 [22:14] <cprofitt> this will be run just like the Wiki team runs their summer of documentation
  20 [22:15] <cprofitt> if you are interested in assisting the process of documenting security on the wiki please add to the table
  21 [22:15] <cprofitt> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BeginnersTeam/FocusGroups/Security
  22 [22:15] <cprofitt> again that is the link to the page
  23 [22:15] <lukjad007> cprofitt Okay, that looks good to me.
  24 [22:15] <cprofitt> 2. develop courses that will contribute to the UCLP on security related topics
  25 [22:16] <cprofitt> these could be how to chroot jail an SSH server or how to use SSH to secure transmissions between two networks
  26 [22:17] <cprofitt> If you would like to work on courses for the UCLP please contact me via email or in the Beginners Team channel #ubuntu-beginners-team
  27 [22:17] <cprofitt> [topic] All matters that are going to be discussed at the meeting that are of significance be sent to the mailing list at least one week prior to the meeting
  28 [22:17] <MootBot> New Topic:  All matters that are going to be discussed at the meeting that are of significance be sent to the mailing list at least one week prior to the meeting
  29 [22:17] <cprofitt> you are up lukjad007
  30 [22:17] <lukjad007> Thank you
  31 [22:17] <pedro3005> has the meeting started?
  32 [22:17] <lukjad007> Yes
  33 [22:18] <cprofitt> yes, it has pedro3005
  34 [22:18] <pedro3005> ah. sorry then
  35 [22:18] <cprofitt> no problem
  36 [22:18] <pedro3005> so... what are you discussing?
  37 [22:19] <lukjad007> There has been a bit of an uproar over some recent changes. I think a lot of it was because people didn't feel they had enough time to vent. And suddenly the mailing list was active. Well, I suggest that we have the discussion before the meeting, rather than during and after.
  38 [22:19] <pleia2> I agree, I think that was what was always intended but never really happened in practice
  39 [22:20] <pleia2> so it would be good to encourage that more strongy :)
  40 [22:20] <cprofitt> lukjad007: that has been something we have encouraged in the past
  41 [22:20] <lukjad007> To that end we just make it mandatory that all "big" topics that are going to be discussed at the meeting need to have *at least* one week's time on the mailing list
  42 [22:20] <lukjad007> Anything else just gets put onto the next meeting
  43 [22:21] <pleia2> that sounds reasonable
  44 [22:21] <cjohnston> I'm fine with that
  45 [22:21] <cprofitt> are we prepared to move to the next topic?
  46 [22:21] <lukjad007> I would like to say that there seems to be very few people here today... does anyone think we should postpone anything?
  47 [22:22] <cjohnston> -1
  48 [22:22] <cjohnston> imo
  49 [22:22] <cprofitt> I think we can go over what was discussed via the mailing list
  50 [22:22] <lukjad007> Okay
  51 [22:22] <cprofitt> [topic] Moving major decision making from IRC meetings to Launchpad votes
  52 [22:22] <MootBot> New Topic:  Moving major decision making from IRC meetings to Launchpad votes
  53 [22:22] <cprofitt> you again lukjad007
  54 [22:22] <lukjad007> k.
  55 [22:23] <lukjad007> This is another subject that is there to allow more people to have a say in the meetings. It seems that sometimes things happen and the meeting is just at the wrong time.
  56 [22:24] <cprofitt> like today as an example
  57 [22:24]  * pleia2 nods
  58 [22:24] <lukjad007> If we move to launchpad and let the voting go for a little while (a matter of days, not weeks) we could let more people have more say
  59 [22:24] <cprofitt> I would agree.
  60 [22:24] <lukjad007> I think that 3 days for voting would be fair, though that's negotiable
  61 [22:24] <cprofitt> I think to really move this forward we have to actually propose the change
  62 [22:25] <cprofitt> via the mailing list
  63 [22:25] <pleia2> me too, and I think it would encourage active use of the mailing list during the voting period and before
  64 [22:25] <pedro3005> Agreed.
  65 [22:25] <cjohnston> I think that if we are going to do that, then get rid of the meetings.. Everything else can be done on ML
  66 [22:25] <lukjad007> cprofitt I did...
  67 [22:25] <cprofitt> complete with an example of how voting would be conducted
  68 [22:25] <cprofitt> let people see how it works
  69 [22:25] <lukjad007> cjohnston I think the meetings are useful for personal realtime interaction and for voting on new members
  70 [22:25] <cprofitt> then we can discuss it in a meeting... and perhaps move to a meeting
  71 [22:26] <pleia2> lukjad007: I agree
  72 [22:26] <cjohnston> discussions are supposed to happen in the channel and on the ML
  73 [22:26] <pleia2> I like that membership approval still happens on irc :)
  74 [22:26] <pleia2> and it's nice to get together in real time
  75 [22:26] <cprofitt> well... most discussions are supposted to happen on the ML, but there is still space to allow some discussion in here
  76 [22:26] <cprofitt> like we are doing now
  77 [22:26] <lukjad007> pleia2 I think that membership *must* stay on IRC.
  78 [22:26] <cjohnston> Why not vote for new members on LP too then? It's only fair that if certain votes are going to be available to everyone (via lp) not just those at the meetings that we give membership votes to everyone via lp
  79 [22:26] <cprofitt> we just can not have deep long term discussions in the meeting
  80 [22:27] <cprofitt> cjohnston: that is a good point and one we can adress on the ML
  81 [22:27] <lukjad007> cprofitt May I give you my proxy for the rest of the meeting, something just came up, I'll try and get back asap
  82 [22:27] <pedro3005> adding new members isn't a deep long term thing.
  83 [22:27] <cprofitt> any more to add to this lukjad007 ?
  84 [22:27] <cprofitt> +1 pedro3005
  85 [22:27] <lukjad007> cprofitt Nope, I'm done
  86 [22:27] <cprofitt> silver is not here
  87 [22:27] <lukjad007> cprofitt You have my proxy, okay?
  88 [22:27] <cprofitt> so I think we can table the other two items that are his
  89 [22:27] <cjohnston> pedro3005: but why not give all BT members a chance to vote on the new members
  90 [22:28] <cprofitt> is akos here
  91 [22:28] <Akos> I am
  92 [22:28] <cprofitt> lukjad007: would you like to tell us about akos?
  93 [22:28] <pedro3005> cjohnston, they do. just attend the meeting. if they don't, no big deal.
  94 [22:28] <lukjad007> cprofitt He's a very competent and well mannered padawan, I think he's ready :)
  95 [22:29]  * Akos smiles
  96 [22:29] <cprofitt> Akos: what is the answer?
  97 [22:29] <cjohnston> pedro3005: then all votes in meetings.. and "they do, if they dont no big deal"
  98 [22:29] <cjohnston> it goes both ways
  99 [22:29] <lukjad007> I have had no issues and I think he will be a great asset to the team
 100 [22:29] <Akos> cprofitt: Yes, I am ready (:
 101 [22:29] <cjohnston> it goes both ways
 102 [22:29] <pleia2> cjohnston: we can pick this discussion up on list :)
 103 [22:29] <cprofitt> No.... the answer Akos ?
 104 [22:29] <cjohnston> check
 105 [22:29] <cprofitt> the answer to the ultimate question Akos
 106 [22:29] <pedro3005> cjohnston, Big decisions should be on the LP or whatever. But as adding new members isn't much of a big decision, not everybody needs to be heard. just who attended the meeting.
 107 [22:30] <cprofitt> pedro3005: lets table this
 108 [22:30] <cprofitt> it is Akos time in the spotlight
 109 [22:30] <Akos> cprofitt: I do trust myself, a Yes is closer to me than a maybe
 110 [22:30]  * cprofitt laughs
 111 [22:30] <lukjad007> cprofitt Just FYI, tabling something in US and tabling something in Britain mean the opposite.
 112 [22:30] <cprofitt> Akos: I was making a geek reference no worries
 113 [22:30] <cprofitt> does anyone else have any questions for Akos ?
 114 [22:30] <Akos> cprofitt:i got no such training from lukjad007 :P
 115 [22:31] <pedro3005> lukjad007, how could you? :P
 116 [22:31] <cprofitt> or does anyone move for a vote?
 117 [22:31] <lukjad007> Akos I thought you knew!
 118 [22:31] <lukjad007> cprofitt Table
 119 [22:31] <cprofitt> lukjad007: ?
 120 [22:31] <Akos> lukjad007: I thought you can see what I knew *smirks*
 121 [22:31] <cprofitt> move for a vote?
 122 [22:31] <cjohnston> vote for what?
 123 [22:31] <lukjad007> Vote for what?
 124 [22:31] <cprofitt> Akos for member
 125 [22:31] <pedro3005> Akos' membership
 126 [22:32] <cprofitt> it is on our agenda
 127 [22:32] <cprofitt> hence why he was being asked questions
 128 [22:32]  * cjohnston makes a motion to table the membership votes due to the lack of people present to make votes.. motion to move membership votes to LP
 129 [22:32] <cprofitt> denies cjohnston's motion
 130 [22:32] <pedro3005> I disagree
 131 [22:33] <cprofitt> the decision to have votes on the LP has not been adopted
 132 [22:33] <pleia2> I don't think it's fair to change the process out from someone who is already on the agenda
 133 [22:33] <lukjad007> Vote
 134 [22:33] <cprofitt> hence we can not do that yet
 135 [22:33] <cprofitt> and +1 pleia2
 136 [22:33] <lukjad007> +1 for Akos
 137 [22:33] <cprofitt> I will move to vote then
 138 [22:33] <cjohnston> im making a point
 139 [22:33] <cprofitt> [VOTE] Akost for membership
 140 [22:33] <MootBot> Please vote on:  Akost for membership.
 141 [22:33] <MootBot> Public votes can be registered by saying +1/-1/+0 in the channel, private votes by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0  to MootBot
 142 [22:33] <MootBot> E.g. /msg MootBot +1 #ubuntu-meeting
 143 [22:33] <cjohnston> +1
 144 [22:33] <MootBot> +1 received from cjohnston. 1 for, 0 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 1
 145 [22:33] <cprofitt> sorry about the typo
 146 [22:33] <cprofitt> +1
 147 [22:33] <MootBot> +1 received from cprofitt. 2 for, 0 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 2
 148 [22:33] <pleia2> +1
 149 [22:33] <MootBot> +1 received from pleia2. 3 for, 0 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 3
 150 [22:34] <cprofitt> are there any more votes?
 151 [22:34] <pedro3005> +1
 152 [22:34] <MootBot> +1 received from pedro3005. 4 for, 0 against. 0 have abstained. Count is now 4
 153 [22:34]  * Akos bakes the cookies
 154 [22:34] <cprofitt> lukjad007: do you have a vote?
 155 [22:34] <cprofitt> [ENDVOTE]
 156 [22:34] <cjohnston> he passed already... if thats the only vote left
 157 [22:34] <MootBot> Final result is 4 for, 0 against. 0 abstained. Total: 4
 158 [22:34] <pleia2> welcome, Akos :)
 159 [22:34] <cprofitt> [ACTION] AKOS is a member
 160 [22:34] <MootBot> ACTION received:  AKOS is a member
 161 [22:35] <pedro3005> Welcome to zombocom
 162 [22:35]  * Akos smiles wide
 163 [22:35] <cjohnston> yay
 164 [22:35] <Akos> thank you guys :D
 165 [22:35] <cprofitt> [AGREED] to welcome Akos as a member
 166 [22:35] <MootBot> AGREED received:  to welcome Akos as a member
 167 [22:35] <highvoltage> congrats Akos
 168 [22:35] <Akos> thy (:
 169 [22:35] <cprofitt> #endmeeting
 170 [22:35] <MootBot> Meeting finished at 16:35.


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