Membership changes - Proposal to change membership approval to be handled by the council with testimonials. [1]


Mentorship changes - Proposal to change membership approval to be handled by the council with testimonials. [2]


Addition of Accessibility Focus Group [3]


What to do with Lubuntu [4]


00:19   cprofitt        1) wait until an official team meeting to vote on the new members
00:19   cprofitt        or
00:20   cprofitt        2) have the council vote on the members with input live, wiki and email based on each prospecitve member


phillw Mentorship changes - Proposal as per above for people to become mentors For example - MOTU's are not idiots, and as they offer mentorship https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU the present number of potential padawans and those who can 'officially' mentor does need addressing.


 The addition of an accessibilty focus group, that team has been around for a long time, both on IRC and the main forum. 


In discussions I've had it was mooted that we have a lubuntu focus group, tied to UBT but looked after by our experienced people. I propose that also as a way of allowing teams with experienced people on to help and tie back to UBT. UBT will always be the umbrella group that that any padawan seeks, after that they may go onto apply for UBT membership, and then for mentorship, hopefully leading to full ubuntu membership.





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[18:32:53] <starcraftman> phillw: my zerglings don't count eh, even if they are big?
[18:33:10] <cprofitt> thanks for being patient folks -- sorry about being late
[18:33:28] <cprofitt> Phillw did you go over your items?
[18:33:53] <starcraftman> cprofitt: we got to the link to the agenda.
[18:33:58] <cprofitt> ok
[18:34:15] <phillw> cprofitt: It really does seem like a complete waste of time, there is not a quorum, so no votes can be held & I've help people up way past their bedtimes.
[18:34:25] <cprofitt> the basic idea is stay as is -- everyone present votes
[18:34:36] <cprofitt> phillw: I am not aware of us requiring a qurom
[18:34:49] <cprofitt> with our global membership we really do not have that ability via IRC
[18:34:56] <phillw> cprofitt: I propose jarred
[18:35:07] <cprofitt> jarred?
[18:35:39] <UndiFineD> head_victim
[18:35:47] <cprofitt> ah...
[18:35:49] <starcraftman> if we don't have enough for votes we can always talk then vote on ml.
[18:36:06] <cprofitt> starcraftman: I, again, am not aware of us requiring a qurom
[18:36:22] <head_victim> Here
[18:36:30] <starcraftman> cprofitt: well, regardless of that, we don't have many to start with it seems.
[18:36:30] <phillw> cprofitt: Jared, A crazy mad Australian (as they all are) (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/JaredNorris), who has the knowledge, time and patience to help people who now belongs to phillw (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/phillw) He's a great guy with a wonderful sense of humour. As a padawan for UBT (see ;padawan or https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BeginnersTeam)
[18:36:54] <cprofitt> phillw: ah... thanks... but not sure that is on topic currently
[18:37:01] <cprofitt> membership changes
[18:37:05] <cprofitt> is what we are currently on
[18:37:49] <cprofitt> the options are - stay as is with team vote by attending members each meeting or change to a process which involves the council voting.
[18:38:12] <phillw> cprofitt: I fully support what you have proposed at option 2, it is most of what I have then also proposed.
[18:38:29] <cprofitt> the council vote if adopted would include current members and community members being able to leave testimonials on a prospective member and the council would then vote
[18:39:18] <phillw> cprofitt: you have a massive +1 from me for the council vote.
[18:39:28] <cprofitt> [vote] all those in favor of council approved membershi process
[18:39:31] <cprofitt> +1
[18:39:33] <phillw> +1
[18:39:38] <bioterror> +1
[18:39:41] <tenach> +1
[18:39:54] <cprofitt> anymore votes?
[18:39:55] <starcraftman> +0
[18:40:10] * starcraftman doesn't care either way, votes don't make the team.
[18:40:10] <cprofitt> last call for votes
[18:40:19] <cprofitt> [endvote]
[18:40:32] <cprofitt> [agreed] the council will now approve members based on testimonials
[18:41:05] <cprofitt> phillw: I see your propsal, but would like to offer what our current process is....
[18:41:20] <cprofitt> it currently involves the team lead, associated team and the council
[18:41:28] <cprofitt> with the final decision being a council decision
[18:41:34] <cprofitt> does your proposal change that
[18:42:21] <phillw> cprofitt: my proposal was a reinforcement of the council granting mentorship to people.
[18:42:36] <cprofitt> ok... so no need for a vote or a change then?
[18:43:58] <phillw> cprofitt: the only thing I would comment on, is that UBT has a member, who is not granted mentorship status... but that is covered more in topic 4 :)
[18:44:31] <cprofitt> ok
[18:44:58] <cprofitt> phillw: we have a process for forming a new focus group
[18:45:32] <cprofitt> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BeginnersTeam/FGCreation
[18:45:55] <cprofitt> also,... there are times when a sub-group can be created under the umbrella of an existing larger team
[18:46:00] <phillw> I'm sorry, that at such short notice that their team leader cannot be here. As you will know, I am a proponent of accessibility
[18:46:12] <cprofitt> our intent was to not have a constant flow of launchpad teams, irc channels and mailing lists
[18:46:44] <cprofitt> phillw: I agree with accessibility and it was one of my UDS take-a-ways to enlarge the roll that UBT has with that
[18:47:19] <cprofitt> the real question is if the team requires its own 'FG' or can it exist under a current one
[18:47:27] <phillw> cprofitt: as accessibility covers such a wide area, having sub teams within it is more manageable. (they already have one)
[18:48:12] <cprofitt> so currently we have documentation, user support, bugs and documentation
[18:48:23] <cprofitt> I see all of those core teams having roles in accessibility
[18:48:28] <phillw> cprofitt: as it is drawing in devs, coders, admin, documentors - I do honestly think that it needs a FG
[18:49:21] <cprofitt> I would recommend following the steps here --> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BeginnersTeam/FGCreation
[18:49:53] <cprofitt> the council can then work with the accessibility team to determine if / when we can form a sep. FG for it
[18:50:05] <phillw> cprofitt: all teams work together, but having an accessibility FG will go along way towards Jono said at ADS-N
[18:50:09] <phillw> *UDS-N
[18:50:23] * cprofitt nods
[18:50:40] <cprofitt> please read the page and we can follow-up on the creation of a FG team
[18:50:42] <phillw> cprofitt: task it to me, I will get it doen.
[18:50:53] <phillw> *done*
[18:51:08] <cprofitt> [task] phillw to work with accessibility team and council to consider forming a FG for accessibility
[18:51:24] <cprofitt> take it away phillw
[18:52:27] <phillw> he he...... the one that has been causing the council people so many headaches.
[18:52:57] <phillw> We are not fully adopted, but kindly taught by teams as if we are.
[18:53:54] <cprofitt> not following phillw
[18:54:15] <phillw> People who find lubuntu are usually experienced, so them wishing to help new comers is a big plus.
[18:55:24] <Pici> /topic isn't a mootbot command
[18:55:40] <cprofitt> please continue phillw
[18:56:51] <starcraftman> phillw: you want us to do some work for lubuntu itself? Promotion? support?
[18:57:04] <phillw> as part of the discussions, it was stated that Lubuntu is fairly self sustaining, and we have some really experienced people who are prepared to help padawans. My proposal is that via all the Lubuntu needs a padawan will be very well suited to apply for UBT, and ubuntu membership
[18:57:44] <cprofitt> alright... thanks phillw
[18:58:01] <cprofitt> phillw: you are putting forth head_victim for a vote?
[18:58:04] <phillw> cprofitt: I keep tripping over MOTUs' :D
[18:58:20] <cprofitt> our last team vote after the adoption of our new membership process?
[18:58:47] <cprofitt> [vote] all in favor of head_victim as a member
[18:58:55] <phillw> +1
[18:59:06] <ubuxubu> +1
[18:59:08] <starcraftman> +1
[18:59:15] <head_victim> For those that don't know me https://wiki.ubuntu.com/JaredNorris has some info
[18:59:15] <cprofitt> +1
[18:59:21] <cprofitt> any more votes?
[18:59:21] <head_victim> Just in case
[18:59:23] <bioterror> +1
[18:59:32] <cprofitt> last call for votes
[18:59:34] * JackyAlcine is away: I'm busy
[18:59:36] * JackyAlcine is back (gone 00:00:01)
[18:59:38] <cprofitt> [endvote]
[18:59:47] <cprofitt> [agreed] head_victim is a UBT member
[18:59:54] <starcraftman> cprofitt: not leaving much time for intros eh? :)

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